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About Gacha Want

One of the things we can tell about mods is that people can make as many things as they please with them, and that’s the case of what we can see with Gacha Want.

This game is a mod, but it is not a Gacha Life mod; it is actually a Gacha Club mod. The thing with this mod comes with the fact it has changed many things from the original game!

We know mods tend to change different things when it comes to what we can see in the game, and that’s what we can find in Gacha Want too.

Created by Night Thomas, we can say it is by far one of the most complete mods we have ever seen on the internet.

Thankfully, this mod is not only available for people with an Android device, but it is also available for people who have a PC too, which is worth noting!

Why choose Gacha Want?

If you decide to try Gacha Want instead of sticking to the original game, then there’s a lot you can find here. The game has lots of new features, and that’s what makes it special.

Gacha Want, thanks to the person who’s creating the mod, includes new features on a constant basis. The creator allows people to give him ideas and then add them to the mod.

That’s the main reason why we tell people to try this game out. It sounds like something amazing, and it indeed is. But let’s see what major changes we can find nowadays in the game.

  • The whole interface has changed compared to what we can see in the original Gacha Club game.
  • There are many new outfits and clothes to try out and more to be added in the future.
  • Even though it is a mod, Gacha Want constantly improves everything it offers people thanks to its updates.
  • There’s new hair added to the game as well. Also, there are new faces, eyes, and other things.
  • Gacha Want has added different accessories such as hats, bags, and more to the game.
  • People can easily change languages with one click before getting to the game’s main interface.

There’s no doubt we can tell this game is pretty complete, and because people can give ideas to the creator, that’s already something great we have to know.

So, if you are looking for a Gacha Club game where your ideas are listened to, then you can join Night Thomas in his Discord server and tell him what you have in mind and he might add it!

How to download it?

We are talking about an APK, and we all know what that means from the start. People with iOS devices won’t be able to use this game for now.

But things change if you have a PC or an Android device. There are two versions available for these devices; then, you can get to choose the one you prefer to enjoy.


Is Gacha Want on Android?

Yes. We can tell this game is available on Android devices due to how it works, so if you have an Android device, you will only need to get the APK and play it.

Can you play Gacha Want online?

So far, we can’t tell if there’s an online version of Gacha Want due to it being a non-official Lumine game.

Can you play Gacha Want on iPhone (iOS)?

No. The only way you have to play Gacha Cafe on an iOS device is only if you hijack the phone, which is something we don’t recommend doing.

Can you play Gacha Want on PC?

Yes! There’s an official version of the Gacha Want mod, which people can download for their PCs and play.

What versions does Gacha Want have?

So far, we can say different versions of Gacha Want are available. Up to this point, Night Thomas recently delivered the 1.1.8 update just a few days ago.


Download Gacha Want
Publication Date:
Jul 15, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC
Night Thomas
127MB (APK)
2.6/5 - (30 votes)