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About Gacha Tea

Gacha Club is part of the games Lumine has created for people who love role games. As we could expect, this game is a mod that takes things to a whole new level.

This mod, which is a pretty complete Gacha Club mod, gives people access to many different features. Has a lot changed from the original game? No, but there are new things!

When talking about Gacha Tea, we can already tell, at least for a bit, what we will find in the game, such as some new features, accessories, and more!

There’s no information about who created this mod, but it is available for people to get for their Android devices. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about downloading it.

Still, there’s a lot we need to know regarding the game. So, in case you are interested in knowing more about it, stay tuned.

Why choose Gacha Tea?

There’s a lot of why we can get to choose Gacha Tea over other games. Especially the main reason here is: why should we get Gacha Tea over other mods?

The thing with all these mods is that every single mod has something unique, or many unique features. That’s one of the main reasons why to get Gacha Tea, and due to everything being free too.

In case you want to know more about all the features we can find in this game, we will tell you what we can find there; that way, you can make your own decision!

  • Compared to many other mods, Gacha Tea includes an online mode for everyone to play.
  • There are new customization items available for people to use, such as clothes, hats, and a lot more.
  • New mini-games have been added to the game, and some of them are available for people to play with other players.
  • There’s no waiting line to access the game. The game has pretty decent server support for everyone.
  • The game constantly has new versions for people to enjoy, with new features over time.
  • Even though it is not an official game, there aren’t any major bugs we can tell in the mod.

This game is pretty complete. We cannot doubt say this is a complete version of a Gacha Club mod, and that’s something we all can take advantage of.

In case you want to enjoy this game, you will only need space in your cell phone to enjoy it! We can tell everyone who downloads it will have lots of fun, especially due to the fact it has an online version.

How to download it?

There’s nothing to worry about for those wondering how to download the app. The only thing is that we can only find a version for Android.

Maybe in the future, there will be a version for people who have a PC, but for now, there are ways to enjoy this game even if you don’t own an Android device!


Is Gacha Tea on Android?

Yes! There’s a version available for people who have Android devices. Actually, there’s only one version available for everyone, and it is the Android version.

Can you play Gacha Tea online?

Yes! One of the main features of this game is that it includes an online version, which we can’t find in many mods.

Can you play Gacha Tea on iPhone (iOS)?

No. As iOS devices only allow people to install official apps, then this doesn’t allow people to install apps from third-party sites or unknown sources.

Can you play Gacha Tea on PC?

Yes! But in this case, the official version for people to get is the Android one, which can be enjoyed using an emulator.

What versions does Gacha Tea have?

There are many versions of this game available. But, so far, we can tell the main version available for download is 1.1.0.


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Publication Date:
Jan 13, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC (Emulated)
Unknown Developer
70MB (APK)
5/5 - (2 votes)