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About Gacha Dream

When it comes to talking about a mod that has a lot of incredible things to show to the world, there’s one that comes to our minds, and that one is Gacha Dream!

Gacha Dream is a mod made for Gacha Club, where we can find lots of new things for people to enjoy. It is basically the base game with lots, and we mean lots of new additions for everyone.

This game was made by Msimod of Gacha Club, and he has constantly been improving it to create better results with all the new updates it gives to the game.

Therefore, we can expect a lot from it, and there are actually a lot of things to know regarding the game.

So far, we can tell the mod is available for people who have an Android device, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Why choose Gacha Dream?

For those wondering why they should pick Gacha Dream instead of any other mod available out there, there are plenty of reasons for people to think about.

The game is something that we all know, as it is basically the same as we are used to seeing in Gacha Club, but there’s new content and new features too!

If you want to know all about this game, we will tell you everything related to the features we can find in the game, and how we can enjoy them all when it comes to playing it!

  • People can create different OC characters in the game with all the new items and features the game includes.
  • A new interface is available for people to enjoy, giving a touch of fresh air to the game.
  • There are over a hundred and eighty tools people can use in battle when playing Gacha Dream!
  • There are different battle modes available for people to use, which are the ones found in the main game, but with some changes.
  • New objects have been added to the game, which players can use with their characters to make them more powerful.
  • Players can find different pets in the game that they can use as companions on their adventure.
  • Graphics have changed a bit in the game, giving a new appearance to characters as people have never seen before in any Gacha game!

Up to this point, we can tell Gacha Dream is a pretty complete game with many things to offer. There’s no doubt about this, and we can say it is a pretty awesome mod.

So, if you were wondering why you should give it a try instead of sticking to the original game, there’s a lot you can find here, and you can enjoy it as much as you want!

How to download it?

For those wondering how to download this game, there’s just one way to get it, and it is through the official APK site, and we left the download link at the beginning of the article.

This Mod is still under development.


Is Gacha Dream on Android?

Yes. As for now, the Android version is the only official version of the game we can find out there.

Can you play Gacha Dream online?

No. We can’t tell if this game has an online mode, so keep in mind you will mostly play offline when using this mod.

Can you play Gacha Dream on iPhone (iOS)?

No. As we all know, there’s no way to download an APK for iOS devices, so this game is not available for people with iPhones.

Can you play Gacha Dream on PC?

Yes. But, due to the game having no official PC version, for now, the only way to play it is through the emulated version.

What versions does Gacha Cosplay have?

So far, we can tell there have been different game versions out there. But, as for now, there’s only one version we can find, which happens to be the 1.1.0 version of the game.


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Publication Date:
Jul 09, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC (Emulated)
100MB (APK)
4.7/5 - (3 votes)