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About Gacha Cafe

Gacha Club is a game with a lot to offer people. There’s no doubt that we can find lots of different mods to make things better, and Gacha Cafe is one of those.

The creator of this mod, which happens to be from an Asian country, is named 海王星工作室, and he created a mod where we can find many additions related to coffee things.

Therefore, we can understand why the name of the mod is Gacha Cafe. We can find many new items and even backgrounds related to this, making the game even better.

The good thing about this mod is not only the additions it has, which makes the game sensational, but it also has everything we need from the original game.

Nowadays, we can only find one version of the game, which means we can only use it when playing on an Android device, but there are ways to play it on a PC too!

Why choose Gacha Cafe?

Gacha Cafe reminds us of Gacha Boba, another mod that changed the way the game looked, but it gave people a chance to see different coffee-related features.

In this case, we will find most of the main game features, such as the base items, clothes, and much more. But of course, there have been some changes here.

But we don’t want to talk about them this way. Let’s list all the new features and changes we can find in this game. So that way, you can get to tell why to choose Gacha Cafe.

  • There are many different backgrounds available for people to use in the game that they have never seen before.
  • New outfits have been added to this mod, allowing people to try new clothes combinations.
  • People can find new accessories, some of them related to coffee things, and others simply are new additions to the game.
  • All the main features of the game are still available for people to use, making it a very attractive option for players.
  • A new category named “Special – Behind Effect” has been added to Gacha Cafe with new items.

We can say that this is a pretty complete mod due to everything it offers, and in fact, it is! The game is quite a surprise due to everything it has added, and that’s something to take advantage of.

Sounds like something amazing, right? Now you know that if you ever get tired of the traditional Gacha Club game, there’s a game waiting for you with lots of new things!

How to download it?

As we are talking about an APK, there’s something we need to remember, and that’s the fact people can only download this version for Android devices.

In case you have a PC, you can use it too, and that’s the lesser of the things we have to worry about. But, if you are an iOS user, things get a little more complicated than you think.


Is Gacha Cafe on Android?

Yes! As we mentioned before, this is an APK. This means the game is only available for download for people who have an Android device.

Can you play Gacha Cafe online?

No. So far, we can’t tell whether this game will have an online version later on, but up to this point, it can only be played offline.

Can you play Gacha Cafe on iPhone (iOS)?

No. The only way you have to play Gacha Cafe on an iOS device is only if you hijack the phone, which is something we don’t recommend doing.

Can you play Gacha Cafe on PC?

In this case, there’s no need to worry about the non-existence of the PC version because people can get the chance to use an emulator to play the game!

What versions does Gacha Cafe have?

Gacha Cafe doesn’t have much information available for people to read. But, for now, we can say the game has only one version, and it is the one available for download.


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Publication Date:
Jun 23, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC (Emulated)
189.8MB (APK)
2.4/5 - (52 votes)