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About Gacha Nova

We all know there are different games when it comes to talking about the different Gacha titles we have found on the internet before.

In this case, we have to say that Gacha Nova is one of the best mods we can find when it comes to Gacha Club, which is a pretty complete mod for this game.

This game, or mod, however you want to call it, happens to be a game that has a lot of new things to offer and was fan-made; it is not an official game from the franchise.

The game offers people all the base items which are available in Gacha Club, but there are also new additions here, and that’s something we all have to take a look at!

So far, we can tell the game is available on two platforms, on PCs and Android, but the PC version is still in the Beta phase, so that’s something to remember!

Why choose Gacha Nova?

As we could expect, we are seeing a game that has taken many things from the original title. As this one was made out of Gacha Club, there’s much we can tell here.

We do know that Gacha Nova offers people the chance to find new things, but the same old features we can find in the base game are still there.

So far, we can say this one is a pretty complete mod for Gacha Club, but to get to know more of what we are saying, it is necessary to see the features we can find once we install the mod.

  • There’s a new interface in the Nova mod, which has changed how the old interface looks compared to the Nova interface.
  • There are new effects we can find in the game that wasn’t ever seen in Gacha Club before.
  • People can find new clothes in the game, which can be used for people to customize their characters as well.
  • There are lots of new backgrounds for people to choose and they can use them for free in this mod.
  • Gacha Nova added new hair for people to use, and new accessories are also available for hair.
  • There are different accessories available for people to use when it comes to customizing a character.

We can say that even though this one is a mod, it is complete and has many things to offer, and that’s something we can easily see in everything it offers.

Up to this point, we can say this game is pretty incredible and has a lot of things to offer. So, if you want to re-invent what you have been doing in Gacha Club, this is the perfect chance for you.

How to download it?

As we are seeing an APK, we need to tell people that it is a version we can find only through the official website. In this case, we also have the download available.

But, this one is only available for people with either an Android device or a PC, but for those playing on a PC, it is fair to remember it only has a Beta version.


Is Gacha Nova on Android?

Yes. As this game comes from an APK and not an official version itself, we can tell Android devices are where people play Gacha Nova most.

Can you play Gacha Nova online?

No. There’s no information regarding whether the game can be played online from the creator, but as it is a mod, chances are that the answer is no.

Can you play Gacha Nova on iPhone (iOS)?

No. People who have an iOS device can’t use an APK. This is due to all iOS devices’ restrictions, so keep that in mind.

Can you play Gacha Nova on PC?

Yes! For people who are PC players, there’s an official version of the game, which can be downloaded for free, just like the Android version!

What versions does Gacha Nova have?

This game, so far, only has one version available for people to download. This is the 1.1.0 version, and it is the one that we have available for download!


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Publication Date:
Apr 20, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC
120MB (APK)
4.9/5 - (55 votes)