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About Gacha Studio

When it comes to Gacha Studio, we can tell the game is pretty similar to what we have seen in other Gacha games that Lumine created.

Things have changed a lot in this game from the rest of the titles. Compared to, let’s say, Gacha Life, Gacha Studio is way simpler, but it is still fun to play.

People can still create and customize characters within the game, but there’s a trick here. There are battles, but there’s no world to meet in Gacha Studio.

The game is actually meant to be used by people who want to create videos, stories, memes, and more. Basically, it is what the game name tells us, a studio we can use to let our creativity run free!

Why choose Gacha Studio?

There are a lot of reasons why people should give Gacha Studio a try. There’s a lot to know and a lot we can tell about this game.

So far, we have let you know some of the main “about” things the game includes. But there’s a lot more we can tell.

This game is perfect for people with lots of ideas in their minds and who want a way to create videos, stories, and more. In Gacha Studio, people can still create new characters to use.

These characters can be taken to what people want to create, and there are lots of clothes, accessories, and more to use. Basically, it has the same base features as Gacha Life.

But, to make things simpler for everyone to understand, here’s a list of what we can say is included in the game:

  • People can use over 100 different accessories, clothes, hairstyles, mouths, and eyes to create unique characters in the game.
  • Different scenarios are available for people to use in the game so they can create their stories.
  • There are battles that people can use to find new elements and features to use in the game.
  • People can buy content in the game they can use however they want to make unique videos and more.
  • There are different poses available for people to use in the game when creating videos and more.
  • People can enter custom text when creating videos in the game. There’s no need to use default scripts.

How to download it?

In case you are wondering how to download the game, there are some things you need to know regarding the game.

First of all, this one is a game created by Lumine. This means that it is available for both iOS and Android users.

But, if people want to use the APK of the game, there’s a version available for people to use. The APK download can be found at the beginning of the post to make things easier!


Is Gacha Studio Free on Android?

Yes. As Lumine develops this game, people have two ways to find it: they can either use it through the APK version or the official app.

Can you play Gacha Studio online?

No. This game is one of the few Gacha games where people can’t play with other people, so that’s something to consider.

Can you play Gacha Neon on iPhone (iOS)?

Yes! As we said before, this game was developed by Lumine, which means people can get to download the game through the official App Store.

Can you play Gacha Neon on PC?

In fact, yes. There’s an official website where people can play this game without needing to download it to their devices.

What versions does Gacha Neon have?

This game has different versions available for people to download. In case someone needs a previous version of the game, it can be downloaded as an APK.

But, as for now,


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Oct 24, 2020
Susan Lovey
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Android, iOS, and PC
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