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About Gacha Neon

Gacha Neon is one of the many mods we can find related to Gacha Life. This mod, compared to others, has focused on giving more features in the customization area.

The Gacha Neon mod was created by So far, the creator says it still is in the beta version, which means we will learn more about this mod in the future.

We say that this mod differs from the rest of the options we can find out there, but what makes it different? Let’s see!

  • The interface is still the same but has more additions to what we can use in the game.
  • There are no ads in the game; they were all taken out of the game.
  • All the items from the game are free for everyone in the Gacha Neon APK.
  • The game still allows people to play with other players with the APK installed.

Why choose Gacha Neon?

When we talk about Gacha Life, the first thing that can come to mind is the huge customization ideas we can get in the game. But leaving that aside, it’s difficult to get all the items.

Well, that’s the main reason why people should choose Gacha Neon! This APK gives everything people might need, and there are new items to use too!

So, if you are looking for a game where everything you need to pay for is unlocked, there are new items, and more customization ideas, then Gacha Neon is what you need!

But why don’t we take a deeper look at what we can find in Gacha Neon? Is it just what we mention here, or is there anything else we can get to see in the game?

  • There are lots of new bags, with side bags and tote bags being new to the list, and the older bags are also available for using too.
  • New clothes have been added to the game in the most recent update. There are clothes for both woman and man.
  • New expressions, with some bloody features, have been added to the game in this mod.
  • There are new chin and hairstyles available for use.
  • There are new head accessories, like the TV Head accessory, two-sides mask, ribbons, and more!
  • New scarfs have been added to the game, which allows people to customize their characters a lot more!

From what we can tell, Gacha Neon is a pretty complete game! There are many new things to see and use, the interface hasn’t changed much, there are no annoying ads, and everything is free!

How to download it?

When we talk about an APK, we need to keep in mind many things. For example, to download this game, we can only use it on Android devices, as iOS devices can’t install third-party apps.

Therefore, you need to find a reliable source from where you can download the app. But don’t worry, you won’t have to look much, as the download link is available here.


Is Gacha Neon Free on Android?

Yes! Just like many other mods available to download, people can get this mod for free and download it without any major issues.

Can you play Gacha Neon online?

Surprisingly, yes. People can play this game with other players who also have the APK.

Can you play Gacha Neon on iPhone (iOS)?

No. Let’s remember the fact that Gacha Neon is an APK, and people can’t download APKs to iOS devices unless they jailbreak the system of the cell phone.

Can you play Gacha Neon on PC?

Yes! In fact, this is one of the very few mods where people can download it and directly play it on their PCs without needing to use an emulator or something similar.

What versions does Gacha Neon have?

So far, we can tell there are various versions of Gacha Neon. But, as for now, the version we can find is 1.5, which is the one available for download.


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Publication Date:
Aug 22, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC (Emulated)
156MB (APK)
3.2/5 - (992 votes)