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About Gacha Glitch

Nowadays, we can find all kinds of mods related to Gacha Life out there. Most of these mods add new things to the game, especially items that we should pay for in the official version of the game.

But things are a lot different here. In this mod created by SpaceTea, people won’t have to worry about money anymore, as most of the content will be available for free!

But that’s not everything we can tell about the game. There’s a lot more for us to tell, and that’s what we are going to tell you right now!

  • The game hasn’t changed how it looks. Most things remain the same to make things simpler for people.
  • There’s no need to worry about ads; the game has taken everything out to avoid annoying ads in the game.
  • The game is as safe as the original Gacha title would be; no need to worry about safety on your device.
  • Everything is available for free, and there are even new additions to the game not included in the base game.

Why choose Gacha Glitch?

In case you want to know exactly why you should pick a mod instead of the original game, there’s a lot we can tell you that can help you understand the reasons behind what we say.

As we already mentioned, in this mod, everything is free. People won’t have to worry much about how to get items because the game has already sorted that out for everyone.

But that’s not everything we can find in the game. There are new characters, clothes, accessories, and a lot more.

To make things easier for everyone, we will tell you everything about the features you can find in the game. That way, you can get to know what you will find before downloading it!

  • People can customize up to 10 different characters, and there are up to 90 available characters for use.
  • Almost all the items available in the game can be customized, especially when it comes to the color of the item.
  • Eyes and hair now have more customization options than before, making things better for people who like to play around a lot.
  • Pets and other objects can be customized with this mod too, meaning people can let their creativity run free!
  • People can create custom profiles for every single character they have.
  • There are new additions in Studio Mode that can help people create storytelling videos and more.
  • People can play with other players who also have the mod installed, and they can import and export items too.

How to download it?

This mod is available for people who have an Android device. It is known that people who have an iOS cell phone or tablet can’t access to APKs due to system restrictions.

But, don’t worry if you don’t know where to find the game. We have done the homework for you and you can find the download link at the beginning of the article!


Is Gacha Glitch Free on Android?

Yes! Like any other APK, this one is available for download for free, and people can download it as many times as they want.

Can you play Gacha Glitch online?

Yes! The game has added an online feature for those who want to play and import or export things from their game.

Can you play Gacha Glitch on iPhone (iOS)?

No. iOS devices don’t let people install APKs on their devices. Therefore, people won’t be able to play this game unless they jailbreak their phones.

Can you play Gacha Glitch on PC?

Yes! Something people can take advantage of is the fact they can also play Android games on their PCs by using an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks, for example.

What versions does Gacha Glitch have?

This mod has different versions available for people to download. But, as for now, the current version of the game available for people to use is 1.1.0!


Download Gacha Glitch
Publication Date:
Aug18 2021
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC (Emulated)
136MB (APK)
3.6/5 - (9 votes)