30+ Best Gacha Life Hand Edits & How to Draw

Regarding hands, there are many ideas for people to use to customize their Gacha Life characters.

Hands are a pretty important part of characters’ bodies. People can use different hands to express themselves or to give a different look when customizing a Gacha Life character!

That’s why we will give you some amazing ideas about different Gacha Life hands designs today. So, if you need more ideas for your character, this is perfect!

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Best Gacha Life hands

There are some hands that are just the best of the best. These are the most used alternatives by people out there, and we need to take a look at them as well!

Gacha Life Hands Base

The hands base is what people tend to take as an example to create their own hand designs. That’s why we can’t forget about showing which are the best bases out there!

Green Screen

When it comes to green screen ideas, there are many hands we can take a look at. After all, these are among the most famous ideas for customization!

Transparent Background

Transparent backgrounds are always useful as it gives people access to easy-to-use images, and the same happens with the hands in Gacha Life!

Hands Base

As we mentioned before, the base for the hands is what make can help people to create unique creations in the game!

Hands with Figures

Are you a person who likes to make figures with your hands? Well, you can keep that habit in Gacha Life as well!

Gacha Life hands

When it comes to hands, there are different ways in which we can use them. Gladly, Gacha Life let us play with our creativity to make amazing results on our character!

Gacha Life Hands Up

Putting hands up can mean lots of things! From enjoying something to calling someone to come near you, what ideas can we get in Gacha Life?

Hands Reaching Out

People can play a lot with what they do with their hands. Reaching out is an action quite common, and we can use it on our Gacha character!

Hands Holding Paper

Sometimes, we want our Gacha character to do a specific action. How can we make it happen? Using our hands might be a good idea!

Hands Clap

Clapping hands is something pretty common to see out there! That’s why we couldn’t leave it aside on our Gacha Life hands ideas!

Hands-on Waist

If you want to make your character have their hands on their waists, you can get some ideas from what we have to show you!

Gacha Life hands by Gender

When it comes to gender, we know that boys and girls can use basically the same hands, but why don’t we make it a bit different?

Boy’s hands

Having “boy’s hands” might be a difficult idea to come across. So, why don’t we see some ideas on how you can use hands on your male character!?

Girl’s hands

Girl’s hands are always in the sight of people! So, why don’t you make your female Gacha Life character hands look as great as possible!?

How to Edit Gacha Life Hands?

If you don’t like how your hands look, you can always try out something to make them look better! That’s why today we have a tutorial for you to check out to get amazing hands!

Having the chance to make or edit your own hands is incredible, and we can’t leave that chance aside!

So, for this step-by-step tutorial, you will need two things: creativity and an edition app. It could be Photoshop, Ibis Paint X, you choose!

Most tutorials begin by choosing a screenshot of our character. In this case, we will do the same to focus on our hands!

You will need to duplicate the base layer, in which your character is, and lower the opacity of it to work on the hand.

Source: Feian? YouTube Channel

Move the base screenshot to a side and start drawing a trapezoid on your hand. It is the base for the edition of it!

Once it’s done, create a new layer. Use the base of the trapezoid to start drawing the fingers. Try to make the fingers as similar to a normal hand as you can!

Source: Feian? YouTube Channel

You can lower the opacity on this layer, so it fits with the base image you are working with. That way, you won’t have so many issues drawing!

Source: Feian? YouTube Channel

Now, it’s time to draw the fingers of your character!

Source: Feian? YouTube Channel

Draw finger by finger. Once you have more experience, you can make them all at once without many issues!

Source: Feian? YouTube Channel

Once you are done, you can add details to your hands. You can add veins, scars, or other details. This must be done on a new layer, so the rest of your progress is not messed up.

Source: Feian? YouTube Channel

You can try this tutorial with other hand styles. That way, you can make your character even more unique!

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