Best Gacha Club Hairstyles: Codes, Cute, Short…

In a game where customization plays such an important role, you want to take a look at as many ideas as you can to make your character look cool!

In Gacha Club, hairstyles are quite different and offer people the chance to customize a character in unique and different ways! They all look different, and people can take advantage of that.

As for now, that’s all we have to know about hairstyles. But, we won’t actually stop there. We will give you several ideas to get the perfect hairstyles in the game!

Best Gacha Club Hairstyles 2022

As time passes by, things change in games and other places. That’s why it’s time to show which ones are the best hairstyles in Gacha Club this year!

Gacha Club Hairs with Codes

As we can tell, we talked about the hairstyles, in this case, you can import the code to the game!

  • 02Y98KM
  • 86NNOAA
  • N4V70SX
  • 50JKGVS
  • 42B9PF2
  • 791NVQ
  • 4X7R2PP
  • 9MS9AWC
  • X37N476

Gacha Club Hair Ideas by Gender

We can expect to see different hairstyles depending on the gender of the character or player. So, why don’t we get to see some ideas for each gender so we can go and create our own character?

Gacha Club Girl Hairstyles

Girls will have different hairstyles than boys. These hairstyles are mostly long, and girls like to play around with their outfits and so on, so let’s see some ideas!

Cute Hairstyles

Leaving the traditional hairstyles aside, there are other ideas we can also use, such as the cute hairstyles that are so popular among girls!

Gacha Club Boy Hairstyles

Now, time to talk about the boys. In Gacha Club, we can find all kinds of hairstyles in a boy character, which is awesome, so let’s see some ideas that we can find in the game!

Cute Hairstyles

Who says boys can’t have cute hairstyles, too, in the game? That’s something we have to think about, but thankfully, we can find some solutions for now!

Gacha Club Hairstyles

At Gacha Club, we can find all kinds of hairstyles, that’s for sure! In this case, we will talk about the different hairstyles we can find in the game with some examples of each!

Short Hairstyles

Short hair is pretty popular among Gacha Club players, and that’s something we will show you right now because it is a must-see for everyone!

Long Hairstyles

We can tell the long hairstyles are the most common ones to see in Gacha Club, and that’s something no one can actually deny here!

Emo Hairstyles

The emo hairstyles are something people haven’t left aside to die. It is actually pretty famous in modern days, and especially in places like Gacha Club!

Tomboy Hairstyles

Have you ever heard about tomboys? If the answer is no, then you might want to start seeing some ideas from the hairstyle they tend to use!

Aesthetic Hair Ideas

Among other options we can tell that has become famous in the world, we have to mention the aesthetic hair. Let’s see some ideas for those who play Gacha Club!

Black Hair Ideas

It’s no lie for anyone that black hair comes as one of the best options for many players to use on their characters, right? So, why don’t we show ideas here for them?

Hair Ideas with Face

If you want to try two things simultaneously, like the hair and the face, then we have some ideas you might want to try out whenever you make a new Gacha character!

Hairstyles without Face

Up to this point, we have given different ideas, and one of the last we are going to show is the hairstyles without a face on them!

Hair Ideas Base

Now that we have talked about the different hairstyles, it’s time to move on to other ideas that are also worth mentioning here!

Green Screen

For everyone who’s familiar with the Gacha environment, we can tell the green screen is an important part of what we can do in the game, and we couldn’t show some hairstyles with a green screen!

Transparent Background

Time to talk about the transparent background hairstyles! These are basically the base version of most of the ideas we can get, and without anything on the back bothering us!

How to Draw Gacha Club Hairstyles?

In Gacha Club, the good thing about how we can customize things is that the process is overall pretty simple to achieve! It is more than enough to have good editing software to do it!

But still, you might need some tips on how to do some editions in these cases! That’s why we will show you how to draw hair in Gacha Club!

The first two things you will need is a screenshot from your character and secondly, an app where you can edit everything related to the hair!

Once you have opened the screenshot of your character in the preferred edition software, then it’s time to add a new layer! This layer will be on “Multiply.”

The next step is to draw some lines around the hair. The idea here is to give it a darker look and the proper texture for what we are used to seeing out there.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

You can also add more details to the hair in this step. Remember, you can also play with the length if you wish so!

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

Now, we are going to make some changes to the hair. Create a new layer and grab the “Fade” tool. This one is available on the different software for editing we can find out there, so check if your has it!

The idea is to brush the hair a bit to give it a darker look in other areas that we can’t reach so simply.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

Now, the next step is to erase the details you don’t like to show in the hair, such as extremely dark areas and so on!

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

For the next step, create a new layer. In this case, we will repeat the process we did before, but the layer options will be set in a different opacity.

The opacity of the layer should be around 60 to 70 percent in order for what we are doing to actually look great and not like a whole mess.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

Time to add a new layer! For this new layer, choose the “Add” type of layer, as we will brighten things up a little bit!

The idea here is to play with the same color as your hair, but you can use white if you wish. It’s up to you!

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

The idea is to paint on those areas where you want the hair to look “whiter”, not all over the hair as the result will change a lot.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel – Hair Tutorial

When you are done, you will know how to edit your characters’ hair! The great thing about this is how you can also try it out on other types of hairstyles and characters!

How to Redeem Gacha Club Codes?

Gacha players for sure know they can redeem codes to get different things in the game or simply change the way they look!

For those wondering how to redeem the code, the process is actually pretty simple to follow, and here’s what you need to do:

  • Enter Gacha Club and go “Home.”
  • Then, press on the “Profile.”
  • Find the button “Import” and press it.
  • Now, paste the code you found or simply write it down!

Remember, once you put the code, your character will change! Depending on what you introduce, it can change hair, clothes, and more!

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