Best Gacha Club Poses: Cute, Dancing…

When we talk about games, we can’t deny that sometimes they have sequels or prequels, or similar games with some improved features.

Gacha Club is like the “younger brother” of Gacha Life. People can create a character, be part of a club, and enjoy this anime-like title that has become quite famous.

But, just like it happens in Gacha Life, we can find there are a lot of features for us to watch. In this particular case, we will discuss everything related to poses we can find in Gacha Club.

Best Gacha Club Poses

Are there some Gacha Club poses that stand out from the rest of the options we have in the game? Truth be told, the answer is yes, and we want to show some incredible poses here.

Gacha Club Poses Base

When we talk about poses, we can get to see there are some base ideas we can part from. And that’s what we will show here!

Green Screen

The green screen filter is pretty famous among Gacha Club players. It makes things easier for people regarding editions, and that’s why we have to mention it here!

Transparent Background

Of course, an idea we couldn’t leave aside was the transparent background we all love to see when we want to make editions and don’t want to waste lots of time erasing a background image!

Poses Base

Can people choose the pose they want to have from a base image? Yes, and that’s why we are here to show you some of these ideas!

Gacha Club Poses by Gender

When talking about poses, we can say each gender uses them differently. Boys tend to have a different posture than girls, and vice-versa, so let’s see what we can find in Gacha Club.

Boys Poses

In Gacha Club, boys can choose and use the pose they want. Still, there are some poses that are more famous than others, so let’s see what we can find here.

Girls Poses

When posing, girls tend to have that cute look or maybe a sad face that plays well with their character! So, what can we find here?

Couple Poses

If you have a couple and you want to play Gacha Club with him or her, you can get some poses you can both do and look like a cute couple in the game!

Gacha Club Poses

Now the time has come to talk more in general about all the poses we can find in Gacha Club. So, if you want to play around with your character, this one is for you!


The dance poses are among the favorite of people. We know they are fun to see and incredible to see how our characters look!

Cute Gacha Club Poses

Cute poses are also part of the favorite ones of players in the Gacha Club universe. They are good-looking and work both for girls and boys!

Sitting Gacha Club Poses

The sitting pose is pretty common to see among players too. It allows players to put their character in different situations, and that’s what makes it great!


We know that in modern days being aesthetic is a must. That’s why we couldn’t leave these poses behind on the list we are making!


The standing poses are among the most common options we can see in Gacha Club. Most of the characters in the game have this pose, so let’s see some ideas!

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