Best Gacha Life Eyes: Brown, Blue, Cute PNG Download

When it comes to customizing our character, Gacha Life gives us access to many combinations to try out!

Eyes are the main part of our character and are as important as real eyes. They can be used to show emotions; different colors are available for use, and much more!

That’s why if you are planning on joining Gacha Life, you might want to take a look at some of the ideas people have when it comes to making their character’s eyes look creative!

Best Gacha Life Eyes

When it comes to which ones are the best eyes in Gacha Life, we can come across lots of options! But, for us, these are the best eyes in the game.

Eyes Base

If you have a doubt about what eyes base are in Gacha Life, let us show you some of the ideas you can come across while trying to customize your character!

Gacha Life Body Base with Eyes

If you want to take a look at how some eyes look with a body base below them, here are some ideas you can consider!

Gacha Life Eyes HD Download

If you want to download some Gacha Life eyes in PNG format, we have some ideas for you in two different formats; a green screen and transparent background!

Green Screen

The green screen in Gacha Life is perfect to try out different features! Therefore, trying some eyes out with the green screen is great to know how your character will look!

Transparent Background

If you only want to see the eyes of your character with no background being annoying, these are the best options you can consider using!

Gacha Life Eyes by Gender

Even though eyes can be used both for boys and girls, you might want to take a look at some specific ideas for both genders!


If you have a boy character, you probably want to make it look rude or similar. Let’s see which ideas we can give to you!

Cute Boy’s Eyes

Who says boys’ characters can’t look cute? If you want to make your Gacha Life character adorable, we have some ideas for you to use!


Girls will love to try out many different eyes in the game, so having as many ideas as possible is the best idea for them!

Cute Girl’s Eyes

Cute eyes for girls are what we can find most out there, especially when it comes to Gacha Life!

Gacha Life Eyes Styles

Looking for other kinds of eyes in Gacha Life? Let’s take a look at some incredible eyes that we can use, such as kawaii options and similar ones!

Cute Gacha Life Eyes

If you want your character to look cute or kawaii, these are some eyes you can’t miss using in Gacha Life!

Blue Eyes

Some of the most famous eyes in Gacha Life are the blue eyes, so let’s take a look at what we can use in the game!

Green Eyes

After blue eyes, green eyes are quite famous as well, so that’s something we can’t miss to show people too!

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are common in Gacha Life and are quite pretty, too, so let’s take a look at some of the most famous ideas in the game!

Closed Eyes

If you are looking for some closed eyes in Gacha Life, you can’t miss the chance to take a look at these ideas we picked up for you!

How to draw Gacha Life Eyes

When it comes to drawing eyes, things aren’t as simple as it seems. There are some things we must keep In mind to create good eyes!

That’s why today, we will give you a tutorial with step-by-step details, for you to create unique eyes in Gacha Life.

First of all, remember you will need an app to customize your eyes. For Gacha Life characters, the best idea is to use Ibis Paint X.

1.To begin the tutorial, take a photo of your character and then place it on a new Ibis Paint X project.

2.Choose a tool to take the color of your eyes to start with the tutorial. Try to play with the size of the canvas to get better results.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

3.Create a new layer and change it to “Multiply” to darken things up in your character’s eyes. You can do this with the same eye color or pick a darker one for better results.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

4.Erase the details left outside your eyes, change to the “Blur” tool, and play with the lower part of the eyes.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

5.Create a new layer and repeat the darkening process. Choose the “Multiply” option and repeat the previous process again.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

6.When it’s done, grab the “Blur” tool again and play with your eyes to get a different result that suits your needs.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

7.Create a new layer; again, choose the “Multiply” option. In this case, the process will be different as we will give some brightness to the bottom of the eyes.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

8.Erase any extra details outside of the eye and take the “Blur” option to repeat the previous process with the bright area.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

9.Add some extra details to the eyes, such as some reflections, and enjoy the final result you will get!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel

10.You can repeat this process with as many eyes as you want as long as you have the proper tools to customize how they will look!

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