Best Gacha Life Hair: Hairstyles, tutorial, and more

When it comes to Gacha Life, it is all about customization. We can create a unique character and show it to the world while using lots of combinations!

In this case, the hair is a vital part of a character. There are many styles and colors to use, and we can even make our own hair to customize our character!

Today we want to show you the different hairstyles available in the game because that way, you will choose the one you like the most and enjoy your Gacha adventure!

Best Gacha Life Hair

There are some of the best hairstyles in the game which everyone wants to use. Which are these we are talking about? Let’s take a look at them!

Gender Gacha Life Hair

When it comes to gender, both girls and boys for sure will use different hairstyles in Gacha Life. So, why don’t we take a look at some examples we can find?


Boys will certainly want a serious hairstyle to wear in Gacha Life. Still, what other options can we find for use?


Who says boys can’t wear cute hairstyles? Well, we have some ideas you can take a look at for your character to wear!


When it comes to girls, fancy hairstyles are among the favorites! But, what other hairstyles can we find in Gacha Life?


Cute hairstyles in Gacha Life? That’s totally a yes, and no girl can deny that they like to make their character look cute when showing it to the world!

Hair Base

If you want to look at some hair base styles for your Gacha character, there are many ideas people can use!


In Gacha, many hairstyles exist, as we have said up to this point! But, can we give you some ideas for using? That’s for sure!


There are lots of cute hairstyles to use in Gacha Life, and only you can tell which one is the best option for your character!

Black Hair

For black hair, we have many options for using too, so we can be creative on which hairstyle in Gacha Life!

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair and black hair are famous in Gacha Life, so let’s see which ideas we can recommend for our character!

Brown Hair

Brown hair is common in Gacha Life, and it is also a good idea to customize characters easily!

Blue Hair

Blue hair seems like a great way to create a fantasy character in Gacha Life, and we have some ideas you can take a look at!

Pink Hair

Pink hair in Gacha Life is perfect to use with colorful characters, and many ideas are available for use!

Short Hair

Looking for some short hair looks to use? Gacha Life is the perfect place to combine your character with the different options available there!

Wolf Hair

Gacha Life is a place where you can experiment with your character a lot! Using wolf hair is just a perfect example of this!

Gacha Life Hair HD PNG Download

If you want some HD images with some Gacha Life hair, let us show you a brief gallery of what we think are the best options!

Green Screen

The green screen in Gacha Life is always a great idea to try out customers, make fun videos, and much more. And today, we will use it to try out some hair!

Transparent Background

The transparent background is always quite famous among people. It offers a better view of things; in this case, it is the perfect setup for hair!

Gacha Life Body with Hair

Trying out some customers with different hairstyles at the same time? Take a look at these character ideas to get some inspiration!

How to edit Gacha Life Hair

When it comes to editing hair, there are a lot of options we can consider using! First, we must consider which app we will use to edit our Gacha Life character hair!

The best idea for Gacha Life characters is to use Ibis Paint X, but other similar apps also work. Therefore, choose the one you feel more comfortable with!

So, if you want to be part of the Gacha Life community who are capable of editing their character hair, this tutorial is perfect for you!

1.- First of all, take a screenshot of your character and open it on the app you will use for the edition.

2.- Create a new layer and choose the proper pen for adding shades to your hair. It should be done with the same color your hair has!

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

3.- Paint all over your hair for it to get more details and shades. Make lines and set the layer on “Multiply”

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

4.- You can set the pen or brush you chose with the “Fade” option in Ibis Paint. That way, it will get a darker look.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

5.- Erase the details, such as color outside of the hair and so on. Now, create a new layer for the next details.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

6.- Repeat the same process as before. It will be all the same, but the difference will come with the layer opacity, which should be set at less than 70%.

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

7.- Create a new layer in “Add” and in this case, repeat the process, but you will use a light color instead!

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

8.- Paint all over the hair where you want to lighten it, play a bit with the opacity, and you are done!

Source: Zackiiex YouTube Channel

9.- Remember you can try this tutorial with other kinds of hairstyles. So, let your creativity break free and play with the hair of your Gacha Life character!

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