Best Gacha Life Clothes: Boys, Girls, Cute, and more clothes

When it comes to Gacha Life, there are many ways for people to customize their characters. Mouths, eyes, and even clothes are part of things we can use to change how we look!

Clothes in Gacha Life are what we use to dress our character. There are dresses, some realistic clothes, and even clothes for special occasions such as Christmas!

But, what those clothes can we wear to the game? Which ones are the best options? Let’s talk about them!

Best Gacha Life Clothes

Let’s take a look at some of the best Gacha Life clothes we can find. The best thing about them is that your character can also use them!

Clothes Base

Want to take a look at some of the best clothes bases we have in Gacha Life? We have some great ideas you might want to take a look at!

Gacha Life Clothes Styles

When it comes to styles, there are a lot of styles for players to use. But, which are the ones you want to dress your character with? Take a look at them!


Gachaverse clothes to use in the game? We have some ideas you can come up with to enjoy in the game!

Gacha Life Body with Clothes

How would it look some of the Gacha Life clothes in your character? Let’s see some ideas you can use in the game!

Realistic Gacha Life Clothes Edit

Are there some realistic edits when it comes to clothes in Gacha Life? Yes, there are! The community is always looking for ways to make dreams come true!

Gacha Life Dress

Are you a girl who wants to dress your character easily by using some dresses? There are lots of options available for use in Gacha Life!

Gacha Life Hoodie

One of the favorite clothes to use in a game like Gacha Life are hoodies, and there are some great options for you here!

Gacha Life Christmas Clothes

Feeling like Christmas is close, and you want to feel the spirit? Well, there are some ideas you can use in Gacha Life!

Gacha Life Clothes HD PNG Download

Green Screen

Want to try out some clothes with the green screen background? Take a look at some of the ideas we have!

Transparent Background

Let’s see how some of the clothes available in Gacha Life look with a transparent background!


Do you want some ideas for boys and girls with amazing clothes? Let’s take a look at some ideas we found for you to see them!


Here are some of the best clothes you can use as a boy in Gacha Life!

Cute boys clothes

Looking for cute clothes for boys in Gacha Life? Here are some ideas that are worth seeing!


If you are a girl running out of ideas on which clothes to use, we have some options that can make your Gacha Life character look great!

Cute Girl Clothes

If you have in mind using something that looks cutter in your girl character, no need to worry, Gacha Life can help you thanks to all the clothes available there!

How to Draw Gacha Life Clothes

Do you want to create some cute clothes on your own? Well, there’s a way to make clothes for your character designed by yourself!

Here’s a tutorial with a step-by-step guide, which can help you know what tools you need to use and so on!

1.- Choose the tool you are more familiar with. We recommend using Ibis Paint X, Paint Tool Sai, and Studio Clip Paint.

2.- Use a PC or laptop for drawing; it’s up to you where you feel more comfortable making clothes. Even a graphic tablet can be used!

3.- Keep in mind which clothes you want to create. Each cloth is made with different techniques!

4.- Remember the differences between a determined type of clothes!

Here you can tell the difference between the two types of clothes. Source: Dunzella YouTube Channel

5.- You can create different kinds of clothes, such as t-shirts, hoodies, pants, skirts, and even accessories remembering the difference between thick and thin!

6.- Remember to draw fold lines correctly depending on how you want your clothes to look. Don’t simply draw them in a crazy way!

Differences between fold lines in a shirt. Source: Dunzella YouTube Channel

7.- Keep in mind the texture you want to give your clothes. It can be soft or stiff depending on how you draw the lines when designing your clothes!

Differences between soft and stiff shirts. Source: Dunzella YouTube Channel

8.- Depending on how the fold looks, the clothes will have a loose or tight appearance. Keep that in mind!

Differences between vertical and horizontal folds. Source: Dunzella YouTube Channel

9.- As said before, by following these steps, you can easily create your own clothes! Your imagination is the limit here; just try to remind the main aspects of what we said so you could create great-looking shirts, hoodies, and more!

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