Best Gacha Life Characters: Boys, Girls, and Tutorials

Gacha Life is a game where we can find lots of characters. These characters can play a different roles depending on where we can find them, which is something common to see in a game.

These Gacha Life characters are known as NPCs, and we can find them in different places in the game. We can find both girls and boys out there, just like we would expect.

For those who are new to Gacha Life, you might haven’t seen all these characters. So, now we will tell you everything related to these characters we can find when playing Gacha Life!

Gacha Life Characters Girls

In Gacha Life, as we mentioned before, we can find different characters while playing the game. Most of these characters are girls, and we can find them in different places in the game.

Right now, we will show you and tell you some things about some of these characters, so let’s take a look at them!

M u u

M u u is a hidden character we can find in Gacha Life. She’s available in the Red Striped Room, and we can find her there, but most people don’t know this.

M u u is not only available in Gacha Life, but she’s also present in Gacha Club as a battle unit, just like many other characters in the game!


In the School scenario, we can find many of the in-game NPCs of Gacha Life. One of those characters is Moe!

In the scenario, we can find her traveling to the school and then visiting the Courtyard. We will find her by going right once, and we will be able to talk with her there.


C.C. is a character that has a hidden name, which happens to be Creepy Cutie. She’s an NPC we can find in the Life Mode in Gacha Life.

We will find her in the Spookyville scenario, and once we find her, we can begin with her quiz if we want to complete her quest.

M o

M o is another character we can find in the Spookpyville scenario. The thing with her is that we need a code in order to get to the haunted house where she’s in!

Once you find the code, you can enter the house, and then you will see her as one of the two corrupted characters available for meeting in the Life Mode in Gacha Life.

Senpai Artz

Returning to the “normal” characters, we see Momo. She’s a character we will also find in the School scenario in Gacha Life.

She’s an NPC that we can find on the school’s third floor; more specifically, she will be “waiting” for us in the library! Senpai Artz is also known as Momo!


The last character on our list will be Kinen. She’s another NPC we can find in the Life Mode when playing Gacha Life!

To find her, we need to visit the area known as The Snowlands, which happens to be a pretty cold place where we can find many interesting things and NPCs!

Gacha Life Characters Boys

Now, time to talk about the boy’s characters we can find in Gacha Life. Just like when we talked about the girls, there are plenty of male characters in the game.

These characters also play an NPC role there, so we can tell that they are pretty much the same as girls, but with different gender and located in different areas.

Prof. Gacha

As for the first boy character on our list, we have Prof. Gacha. We could say he’s one of the main characters of the School!

We can find this character in the Life Mode in Gacha Life, and he will be in the courtyard waiting for us to greet him!


Pat is part of the NPCs we can find while enjoying the Life Mode in Gacha Life. He can be found in the Hometown while playing in that scenario.

To be more exact, we can find Pat going left once in this scenario, and we can start interacting with him as soon as we get there.


When talking about characters in the School area in the Life Mode, we can find SuperBrian25 in the list!

This character is available for people who have reached level 100 or more. People will need to go back to school and then be teleported to where SuperBrian25 is!


Nagato is somehow a weird character in the game. We don’t know much about him, and we don’t even know where he is located.

We know that he’s present on page 10 of Gacha Life, and he wears a military uniform with a friendly attitude towards our character.

Magical Luni

Magical Luni is one character we can find in the Bamboo Temple while going through the Life Mode. He’s like Brian, as we will only appear once players reach level 100.

Once this happens, as soon as players visit the Bamboo Temple, a new portal will be available to take players to where Luni is!


Brody is a friendly character we can find while going through the Gacha Life adventure. We can find him while visiting the Beach!

He is one of the athlete characters we can find in the game, and he will have friendly behavior toward our character too!

Cute Gacha Life Characters

Now, time to talk about characters that people create! Let’s take a look at some cute creations we can find in the game while enjoying it!

How to Draw Gacha Life Characters

Do you want to learn some Gacha Life characters? Well, here we have a tutorial you might find interesting!

We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do this, so if you like to draw, this is the time for you to learn how to do it!

You first need to find an app you are comfortable with when drawing; it can be Ibis Paint X or the one you prefer!

Now, it’s time to get to the drawing part. You need to start from the upper part of the character, so first, we will draw the head. You can add accessories like hats or similar!

The second step is to draw the face of the character. You can draw it in the way you prefer and play with the mouth, eyes, and more! You can even add details like scars to the face!

If you want to make things easier, you can paint some things in black, like the eyes, and even the hair, that way you will have fewer things to complete in the future!

Now, we have to draw the torso part. You can choose which character to draw, a girl or a boy, just remember they are different in body shape and features like hair!

For the next part, it’s time to get to the legs part! Depending on your character, you can also draw pants, skirts, or whatever you want to use; it’s all up to your taste!

Now, time to get to fix some details of your character! You can play around and draw shoes; you can draw them depending on the outfit!

You can also try out different pants; most importantly, you can check if your character has a symmetrical look! This is what actually matters most!

Once you are done, you can add more details to the character. It can be on the hair, on the eyes, on the face, you choose!

And, finally, you can also add some color to the character. You can choose which colors to use, so let your creativity run free!

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