Gacha Club Body: Ideas, Standing, Sitting…

The body is one of the most important parts of creating a character, whether in Gacha Life, Club, or any other similar game out there.

The body is the main part of a character. There, we will find the legs, arms, head, and other parts of the body itself, making it the main part of creating a character!

That’s why today we want to talk about the different bodies we can find in Gacha Club. There are a lot of ideas we can find, and that’s something we will talk about here and now!

Best Gacha Club Body

We can tell in Gacha Club, that there are many ideas for people to use when it comes to bodies. That’s why we want to show you some of the best ideas for you to use!

Gacha Club Body Base

In Gacha Club, just like it happens in Gacha Life, we can find that there are different body types out there we can use. But, what about the bases for these bodies? Let’s see them!

Green Screen

In Gacha Life, green screen customizations with body parts, including the whole body itself, is common to see on the internet, so what about some ideas here!?

Transparent Background

Among the popular ideas for the Gacha community are transparent background bodies and other body parts. They are also pretty useful, so let’s see what we can get here!

Body Base

Overall, the body base is what we take to create other types of bodies, or just to customize one of these ideas to make something brand new for our character!

Gacha Life Body by Gender

When talking about the body in genders, we can find some slight differences between one compared to the other. So, there’s for sure a difference between girls’ and boys’ bodies!

Boys Body

Boys tend to have strong figures when it comes to their bodies. That’s why we can tell the difference between one body to the other.

Girls Body

When we see a girl, we can tell some differences between a male body and what we can see on a woman’s body, and the same happens in Gacha Club!

Gacha Club Body

Time to talk about the different body poses and styles we can find in Gacha Club! These styles are common to see, so let’s see some ideas right now!


The standing pose is by far the most common pose we can find when talking about bodies! Almost every character and body idea begins here!


In a game with a lot of influence from anime, it is fair to say we can find some cute ideas that we will love to share with others who are part of the community!


Another pretty common pose to see when it comes to bodies is to see them walking. This happens to be pretty normal, especially in a game like Gacha Club.

Body Base with Eyes and Hair

Some of the ideas we can get from customizing a body need to have a few other features, and we can tell the eyes and hair are part of that!

Gacha Club Body with Clothes

Last but not least, we can’t go away without mentioning bodies with clothes on our list! What to see how an outfit looks on a body? Let’s give you some ideas!

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