Gacha Life Boy: Pictures, Characters, and Styles

When we talk about a boy in Gacha Life, we are basically talking about a male character! People can do these or be an NPC in the game!

Boys in Gacha Life are part of the game as there are two genders to choose from, which people can use to customize how their character will look!

That’s why today we want to talk not only about ideas to customize your character but also about the characters that are part of this incredible game!

Best Gacha Life Boy

Before we get to the ideas of boys and show the NPCs of the game, it’s time to show people some of the best boy characters we have seen in the game so far!

Gacha Life Boy Characters

In Gacha Life, we can find many important characters out there. Some of them play an important role in the game; some others are there just for you to socialize with them, and more.

These characters are known as NPCs, and we will show you what we can find in Gacha Life now!


Luni is basically the first NPC you will see in the game. You find him in the first area of the Life Mode, and he’s basically the creator of Lunime and all the Gacha games out there.

If you want to use Luni as your character, you can find his preset in the character creation area!

Bijuu Mike

If you have ever seen Naruto, you might think Mike has a monster on his inside, but that’s not what we will see here. The real Bijuu Mike created Bijuu Mike; that’s where his name comes from!

He is a character we can find in the School while using the Life Mode in Gacha Life and plays a role as an NPC in that scenario.


Inxanity is another NPC we can find in the game while we are in the Life Mode. He is found in the train station, and we can see him doing different activities, like running in the station.

Besides, it is important to say that Inxanity plays a role as an artist in the game, which is something good to know!


Phantom is one of those spooky characters we can find in a game. In Gacha Life, we can find him in the Spookyville area in the Life Mode!

Besides, he plays several roles in different games, such as the Phantom’s Remix and a shadow boss in the Gacha Club main story!


Caleb plays a role as an NPC in Gacha City, which is part of the Life Mode in the game. We can find them by going right four times in the city.

He plays the role of a student in the game, so that’s something that adds some lore to his backstory!


FuuKuma might be one of those characters that we see and think, “Is he truly a boy?”. But yeah, he’s an NPC with long ponytail hair and is dressed in a nurse uniform.

He can be found in the school in the Life Moded. Also, we can use him as a preset character if we want.


1Chi is a character that we can find in the school while playing the Life Mode of Gacha Life. He’s found in the school, right after we enter it in the “Class 1-A” room.

He also has a major role in other games, as he appears on the minigame named 1chi’s Math. 1Chi is also a playable character in Gacha Club!

Gacha Life Boy Styles

In Gacha Life, boys can have different styles. Depending on what they want to wear, they can have all kinds of looks, which is something great to try out!

Bad Boy

We know nowadays bad boys are among the most famous characters we can find out there. That’s why we have to mention them here.

Wolf Boy

Another style that boys have taken as part of their “personality” in this game is the wolf concept. So, why don’t we take a look at some ideas?

Demon Boy

Demon Boy styles are pretty similar to what we can see in other styles, such as the bad boys or wolf boys. So, let’s see some ideas here.

Black Boy

In Gacha Life, we can find all kinds of characters. Of course, we can also find some black boy ideas out there that we can use!

Christmas Boy

We all know how important Christmas can be. That’s why even in a game like Gacha Life, we can find boys’ dressed this way!

Gacha Life Boy Edits

One of the things we like most to do in Gacha Life is editing things, for sure. That’s why we can tell that many boy editions, that’s for sure!


Of course, boys have lots of outfits to use, and that’s something we can see here due to everything they can wear!


Of course, hair is an important part when we create a character. What options do we have when it comes to boys?


When it comes to eyes, it is kind of difficult to see which one we can use. But there are many options out there, so let’s see what we have here!


Clothes are pretty important for people out there. That’s why we can’t forget when creating our brand new Gacha character!

Coloring Pages Download

Does Gacha Life have coloring pages? Actually, yes! This allows players to have some fun when they are out of the game too!

Wallpaper Download

Can we find wallpaper with boys on them? Yes, the Gacha Life is prepared to show the world all the amazing content they have created up to this point!

Gacha Life Boy Pictures

Last but not least, we can’t forget about some boys’ pictures! We can see many out there, so let’s leave some for you to see here!

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