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When we talk about Gacha Life, one of the most important things in the game is, without a doubt, the characters we can find on it.

Girls are part of the characters available in the game. These can be found as playable characters, the ones we create, or as NPCs while playing the Life Mode.

That’s why today we want to look deeper at our favorite girl NPCs and give players some ideas on how to dress their girl characters!

Best Gacha Life Girl

Out there, we can find many girl options to use. That’s something we can’t deny, and we can see lots of images online. So, which ones are the best?

Gacha Life Girl Characters

As we mentioned before, some characters in the game play an important role in the Life Mode. Do you know them all?

For those who don’t know, these were the NPCs we were talking about. They are part of the players we can interact with, and we can even use their preset to make our own character!

So, if you want to know them, or just refresh your memory with them, here we talk about some of them!


Lado is a student that we can find in the Life Mode in Gacha Life. She has long blue hair with some kitty ears on her head.

We can find her in Hometown A, and we can also use her preset. She’s not only part of Gacha Life, as we can also find her in the Gacha Blub as a playable character!


Yuni is another NPC we can find in Hometown, just like we can see with Lado. We can find her going right on this part of the map!

She was created by Ramunade, who is known for being the creator and artist behind many Gacha Life and Club characters we can see!


While playing in Life Mode, we can find Mizumi as an NPC on the Beach. She wears a black and white shirt, has blue hair, black shoes, white socks, and a hat too!

Mizumi is one of the NPCs in Gacha Life that we can find as a playable character in Gacha Club, just like many other characters in the game!


FlashyKlau is one of the NPCs we can find in the School during the Life Mode adventure. She can be found going to the rooftops while at school.

She has no other major role in the story for now. Players can complete their quiz, being that part the most interesting to do while trying to find her.


Leafu is another NPC we can find in the Life Mode. To be more exact, she’s part of the NPCs we can find while traveling through the Hometown scenario and going right.

Just like it happens with Klayu, she has no major role in the game, and we can’t find her preset when creating our character, at least for now!


Sparky is one of the most famous artists in the game. We can find her in the Back Alley while being in Life Mode, and the easiest way is to travel to Caleb and go right from there.

She’s one of the NPCs we can find in other games too. Sparky can be found in Gachaverse, in Gacha Studio’s Battler; she’s also a playable character with the name of Patting Goddess Sparky while battling her in Auto!


Midori is part of the characters we can find in the School scenario. To find her, we must go to the School Courtyard after going to the School!

She’s a character with no major role in the game, but she’s among the most famous. Something curious about her is that people can’t get hints when doing her quiz!


Yukina is a character that takes us to a brand new scenario we haven’t mentioned yet. We need to go to the Snowlands and go right once to find her!

This NPC is not only part of the Gacha Life roster. We can also find her as a playable character in the Gacha Club game with many other characters!

Gacha Life Girl Styles

Can we find different girl styles in Gacha Life? Well, that answer is pretty easy to give, because the answer is yes, and there’s a lot to see here!

Bad Girl

The “bad girl” style has become quite famous. We can even say it is even more famous than the cute girl look, which is a lot to say!

Cute Girl

Of course, Gacha Life is where we can find many cute girls’ looks, and that’s a lot to say! So, why don’t we take a look at some ideas we have found out there?

Wolf Girl

Can we find images of wolf girls in Gacha Life? Yes, it is also part of those looks that girls have loved to use for quite some time now!

Demon Girl

Can girls look like a demon in Gacha Life? Well, yes! Almost everything people can think about in this game is possible. Basically, the creativity of people is the limit here!

Black Girl

Can we find girls with a black style in the game? Of course, we do! There are many styles to use in Gacha Life, and this is one of them!

Tomboy Girl

The tomboy look is one of the most popular among girls right now. That’s why we couldn’t miss mentioning it here!

Christmas Girl

One of the looks we can’t miss mentioning is the girls who have Christmas looks! There are many ideas to use, and that’s awesome to know!

Gacha Life Girl Edits

Something we can tell about Gacha Life is how cool it is when it comes to editing things. Thanks to everything it offers, and how easy it is to edit with the proper tools, we couldn’t leave this aside!


One of the most important things in Gacha Life is the outfits people use. No one can deny that, and we’ll show some ideas here.


Of course, one of the things we couldn’t miss mentioning here is the different hairstyles girls can use, so let’s see some ideas!

Coloring Pages Download

If you want to make something different with your favorite Gacha Life characters, or simply with other people’s characters, you can get some coloring pages!

Wallpaper Download

Now, time to show some wallpapers! This is perfect for you if you want to customize your cellphone or PC with some Gacha content!

Gacha Life Pictures

In Gacha Life, we can find all kinds of pictures. Whether it is from our own character or from other people! So, let’s see some girl pictures right here!

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