Gacha Life Drawing Ideas & Step by Step Guide

Gacha Life is a place where we can find all kinds of things. From videos to series, to songs, and a lot more! Of course, there’s room for drawings as well!

Drawings are usually made by hand, and people decide what they want to create, so their creativity is their limit here, which is something great to know.

That’s why we want to show the world some of the best drawings we can find and teach people how to draw Gacha Life as well!

Best Gacha Life Drawing Ideas

Out there, while browsing the internet, we can find many cool ideas for Gacha drawings. Here we have taken some images that we consider you must see!

How to Draw Gacha Life

Looking for some ideas on how to draw something about Gacha Life? Probably that’s something that a lot of people have thought about before! In case you need some help, we have a tutorial for you.

You first need to think about what you want to draw. Is it a character? Is it a background? Do you want to create pants? Do you want to create a brand new t-shirt?

Either way, once you have chosen what you will draw, then it’s time to choose where to draw it. It can be either on paper or on an app such as Ibis Paint X or similar!

To start drawing a character, begin with the head. First, draw the hair and any accessories that you will put on it!

Then, start drawing the face, such as the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows! You can also play a bit and add some other details to the face, such as scars or other features!

Remember to add some color; you choose which one, to keep everything tidy so you can keep going down with the drawing.

Next, it’s time to start drawing the torso slowly. It is recommended step-by-step to get a better result of the drawing. Remember to check your hair length as you keep drawing to make it more symmetrical.

When you are done, it’s time to start drawing the lower part of the character! The legs are basically the main part to draw here, but if you draw a skirt, that’s the first thing to come.

You can also add other details here, such as the shoes, shoelaces, and details to the skirt or pants you will use, and check how symmetrical your body looks. Add as many details as you want in this step!

Once you are done adding details, it’s time for you to paint your drawing. You can choose whether to keep it black and white or go full color. You make the final choice!

Easy Gacha Life Drawings

If you want to see some easy drawings to do about Gacha Life, we have some ideas you can copy and make your own result!

Cute Gacha Life Drawings

Of course, when we talk about Gacha Life, we can’t leave our cute part aside. That’s why we can’t forget about showing some cute drawings too!

Boy Drawings

We can’t leave aside some of the most famous drawings we can find out there: boys’ drawings. In case you were wondering, there are a lot of cool drawings to see!

Girl Drawings

Girls haven’t been left aside here. There are many drawings out there made for this category. We can even say there are more than boys’ drawings, which is incredible!

Gacha Life Drawings No Color

When we see a draw with no color, we can decide how we want it to look! That’s something incredible, and that’s why we have some ideas here for you!

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