Gacha Life Body: Base, Cute, Standing, Sitting…

Making a body in Gacha Life is something no one can miss! Without a body, then how would our character even exists?

The body is basically the main part of the Gacha character as it holds hands, eyes, hair, and more. That’s why it is such an important thing to use!

That’s why today, we will give you some of the best Gacha ideas you can have in mind. From body bases to even more complex ideas, so get your creativity ready!

Best Gacha Life body

When it comes to bodies, there are some ideas that we can consider using that are just the best of the best. Which are those bodies we are talking about?

Gacha Life Body Base

The “base body” is what people grab to make their character from scratch. But, what are the best ideas we can come across in this case?

Green Screen

Using a green screen in Gacha Life is one of the easiest ways we can come across to make incredible animations in the future! What are the best body bases in this format? Let’s see!

Transparent Background

What can we do with a transparent background and a body base? Well, as a matter of fact, there’s a lot we can do with the right ideas!

Body base

As we said before, the body base is pretty important as it can help us to build how our character will look, and that’s something we can’t miss at all!

Body base with Eyes

In case you want to see how a body base would look using some eyes, we have some ideas that can help you when making your Gacha character!

Gacha Life Body with Clothes

Once we have so many ideas as to which body base we can use, maybe we can imagine how these bodies would look with some clothes, right!?

Gacha Life Body

We can make bodies look different depending on the pose we use! That’s why you can make your character look different by making it stand up, sit, and more!


The standing pose in bodies is basically the most common option out there for people when it comes to customization. Which ideas can we give in this case?


Regarding cute bodies, Gacha Life is the perfect place to make that happen due to how many possible combinations there are!


If you want to make a sitting character, making the proper body base in that position is the starting point to making an incredible creation!

Gacha Life Body by Gender

We can think that each gender can use the same body. That’s, in a part, something real. But, there are other options for each gender as well!

Boy’s Body

Boys will always have some bodies that look taller, even more muscular, than a girl’s body, so which ideas can we use here?

Girl’s Body

Girls, compared to boys, have a different body in some aspects. Maybe the waist can make it look different, and that’s something we can see in these ideas we have!

How to Draw Gacha Life Body Base

When it comes to drawing a body, things might get a bit complicated as we have to draw part by part, from head to toes!

But, with a proper tutorial, we can make things easier, right? And if we use the right tool, it can be easier to make a body base!

That’s why in this tutorial, you will learn everything related to how to draw a Gacha Life body with a detailed tutorial!

First of all, you will need a blank canvas, to begin with. Here’s where you will start to draw all the body parts!

When you have the blank canvas, draw a circle and a cross in the middle of it. It will work as the head of our character.

Now, draw the neck and the shoulders. It is a step-by-step process, so patience is needed for a great result.

Once you have the neck and shoulders done, time to draw the torso. In this case, we will make the body base for a woman, so it is slightly smaller!

The next step is to draw the waist and connect both parts. So far, we have the upper part of the body done!

Now it’s time to add the details. Draw some dots, in a different color, where you will draw the hands, arms, and legs!

Time to create a new layer! For this layer, lower the opacity of the main layer and start adding details, such as the hands, toes, and other parts of the body.

Once you are done, it’s time to create a new layer, again. In this case, the opacity you will use is around 4 to 5 percent, as you will draw the body from scratch by following the underneath pattern.

In this case, you will need to add other details, such as the chest area, face, eyes, and more. You can later add other details, like clothes, and hair, it’s up to you what to use!

This tutorial works for boys’ bodies too, but you have to make it slightly wider for the body to be more similar to what we tend to see in real life!

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