35+ Best Gacha Life Shoe Edits

Regarding shoes, Gacha Life gives us the liberty to choose many different options! We can even create our own shoes or edit those that are available for use.

Shoes are part of what we can use to dress our character. They will always be present on our character’s feet, and there are many shoe models to use!

That’s why today we want to help you by giving you some shoe ideas! So, if you want to customize your character’s looks, you came to the right place!

Table of Contents

Best Gacha Life Shoes

We know there are lots of shoe models out there for use. But, there are some that are just the best of the best. Which one are those models we are talking about in Gacha Life?

Gacha Life Shoes Base

When it comes to the base version of shoes, there are many ideas people might want to use. Let’s see what ideas we think are the best for you to try out on your character!

Green Screen

When it comes to green screens, it is the perfect way to help people to create some animations in Gacha Life. So, why don’t we take a look at some green screen shoes?

Transparent Background

That transparent background we are all used to seeing is a key feature for most of Gacha Life’s creations, and we couldn’t forget about it here!

Gacha Life Shoes

Gacha Life is a game where basically, our minds are what limit us to image amazing things! That’s why we will take a look at some of the best shoes available for use out there!

Black Shoes

Black shoes? That’s totally a yes in most cases! They are the proper fit for many outfits, so we can’t miss the chance to use them!

Pink Shoes

When it comes to pink, you can’t deny these shoes look great with some outfits! What ideas do we have in mind? Take a look at them!


Cute shoes are among the favorites of female characters in Gacha Life, and by taking a look at them, we can tell why!


When trying to give our character an elegant look, heels are always a good idea, but which are the best heels in Gacha Life?

High Heels

Normal heels are great for customizing your character in a fancy way, but what if you want it to look fancier? Why don’t you try out some high heels!?

Galaxy Shoes

Do you want to dress your character in some custom shoes that have a galaxy-like pattern on them? We have what you need among our ideas!

Gacha Life Shoes by Gender

When it comes to choosing which shoes to use when your character is a boy or a girl, there are lots of ideas the Gacha community gives, so why don’t you take a look at them?

Boy’s shoes

If you have a boy character, you might want to make it look cool, or casual. Either way, there are some great ideas for Gacha characters!

Girl’s shoes

We know girls will always try their best to look great, and they will surely try the same with their Gacha Life character!

How to edit Gacha Life Shoes

When it comes to edition, Gacha Life gives us a whole world of opportunities to make things happen!

Shoes, like it, happen with faces, hair, and even clothes that can be edited with the right tools, such as Ibis Paint X!

But, things are harder than they look, so why don’t we give you a detailed tutorial on how to edit your shoes in Gacha Life?

1.- Take the shoes you want to edit. Open a new project in Ibis Paint or your preferred tool, to begin with, the tutorial!

2.- First, create a new layer above the shoes so you can start editing. This layer will be on “Multiply.”

These are the shoes we’ll use in the edition process.

3.- Once you have created the new layer, choose the same shoe color, to begin with, the details.

4.- Paint all over the place (You can make yours look better) and set the layer opacity around 40 to 60 percent for a darker result.

5.- Create a new layer. The process here is the same using the “Multiply” option.

6.- In this case, paint all over the black areas of the shoe to give it a darker color.

7.- Add as many details as you need. You can play with the opacity and where to paint for a better result!

8.- Once you have done the previous steps, you can add a new layer to add details. This layer should be set on “Soft Light” or “Luminosity” for better results.

9.- Play with the details you want to add. Add shoelaces, dirt on your shoe, or whatever you want, and share your final result with the world!

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