50+ Best Gacha Life Mouth Ideas 2022

Do you want to change your character’s appearance with the best mouths in Gacha Life? Here you will see which ones are the best options you can get and download the HD png!

The mouths in Gacha Life are part of our character, and they can help us change how it looks within seconds! Whether it is a sad, angry, or even happy look, that’s something you can get with the Gacha Life Mouths!

So, if you are ready to customize your character, let’s get to see the best mouths in Gacha Life!

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Best Gacha Life Mouths

Just like it happens in every game, some content is the best of the best, and that’s what we are about to see with the best Gacha Life mouths!


Green Screen

The Green Screen is an option available in Gacha Life that you can use to try out different effects to make your character look unique among the rest!

Transparent Background

With this background, you can try out different character combinations! Do you want to try out what a mouth looks like without anything disturbing the view? This is the one for you!

Mouth Base

The mouth base is the basic version of the mouths we can use to customize our characters. Want to get some cool ideas to use? Let’s take a look at them!

Eyes and Mouth

If you want to combine eyes and mouth to make a unique character, take a look at these ideas we have for you to customize your Gacha character!


Do you want some cute images to download from Gacha Life on your cellphone or PC? Here’s a gallery you can take a look at!

List of emotions

In Gacha Life, you can make your character look like they have actual emotions! Let’s see what they would like with some of the most famous ones.


The sad face in Gacha Life is quite famous among players. Take a look at some of the saddest emotions there are in the game!

Want to add some cookies to your Gacha Life? Take a look at some of the options you can use in the game!


Do you feel like screaming in Gacha Life? Sometimes you might want to show that to the world, and here you have some options to do it!


How would a Gacha Life character look like being happy? Need some inspiration on how to make yours? Take a look at these smiling mouths!


Feeling angry and want to make your character feel the same? That’s easy to do with the angry mouths available in Gacha Life!


If you want to see what different mouths would look like on a boy or girl character, here are some ideas you can use to make your own Gacha Life character!


Boys will always try to have intimidating mouths, but sometimes a smiley face or angry face will surely work!


We also have some ideas for girl characters in Gacha Life! Let’s see some ideas you can consider using in the game!

How to make Lip Sync in Gacha Life

Lip Sync is an interesting activity to do while being in Gacha Life. While some players think it is hard to do, it is actually simple to do with some simple steps.

First of all, try to think about what you want to Lip Sync! Why do we say that? Because the idea here is to use different mouths to achieve the lip-syncing activity!

Each mouth in Gacha Life helps people pronounce different letters, so it is necessary to use different mouths to achieve lip-syncing successfully!

So, let’s make a step-by-step guide!

1.- Choose a word to pronounce. The larger the word, the more mouths you will need to use.

2.- Listen to the word, song, or paragraph you want to lip sync and choose the proper mouth, to begin with!

For example, this mouth works for many letters, like N, M, D, and similar sounds!

3.- If you want to, you can take mouths and edit them on a video editing app, such as KineMaster, which is pretty famous in the Gacha Life community.

4.- With Kinemaster, you can customize mouths, make them move, and much more. It takes some practice, but the result is worth it!

5.- You can take different mouths in Kinemaster and change them how you want them to see in your character!

6.- Try to practice as much as you can with small videos, and then practice more and more until you get better results!

How to draw and edit Gacha Life mouth?

Do you want to learn how to draw, with a step-by-step guide, a Gacha Life mouth in a few steps? Let’s see what we need to do!

1.- You will need Ibis Paint X to customize your Gacha character’s mouth easily.

2.- Create different layers to customize the mouth. The first one is the base, which is your character’s face.

3.- Choose the tone of your skin character and proceed to erase the mouth.

4.- Erase the whole mouth and leave a blank space to draw a new one.

5.- Choose a 3.3px pencil to draw the lips. You can adjust the result with the eraser to get a unique Gacha mouth.

6.- Add some details. You can add some teeth, and make the mouth wide open with a tongue inside it. It’s up to you how you want it to look!

7.- You can some lipstick for the final result. To do this, add a new layer, so you don’t mess up the one with the mouth drawing!

8.- You are done! Save the final result and enjoy your brand new Gacha Life mouth!

Gacha Life mouths usage

Is there any other usage we can give to the mouths in Gacha Life? The actual answer is a solid yes; there are some extra usages we can give to all the mouths in the game!


Nowadays, using masks in the streets is something pretty common. So, why don’t you give a special touch to your masks with some Gacha Life masks?


If you need to create some t-shirts with some unique designs, why don’t you use some Gacha Life t-shirts!?


Summer is here, but once winter comes, you might want to have some hoodies to use with a unique Gacha Life design!

Where to buy them?

Up to this point, you might want to know where you can get these hoodies, t-shirts, and masks! Well, there are two options: Etsy and Redbubble!


Etsy is known nowadays as a marketplace where people worldwide try to sell the stuff they create.

In this marketplace, people upload the products they create. Here, the imagination of the creators is the limit!

As it is a marketplace where people can upload all kinds of products, Gacha Life t-shirts, masks, and even hoodies can be found here!


Redbubble is also a marketplace where people from all over the world can buy the items they create!

There’s no limit on what can be sold here. That’s why Gacha Life lovers can easily find t-shirts, masks, and hoodies on Redbubble!

Also, if you want to upload your products with Gacha Life themes, this is the perfect place for you!

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