Gacha Life Eyebrows: Angry, Happy, Worrying, Sad…

Have you ever seen a Gacha character without eyebrows? They look weird, just like someone without eyebrows would look in real life!

Eyebrows are a part of the face. Located in the top area of the eye, they work to give character faces a symmetrical look!

That’s why if you don’t know which eyebrows will look best on your character or want some ideas to customize them, let me tell you that you came to the right place!

Table of Contents

Best Gacha Life Eyebrows

Whenever we talk about eyebrows, there sure are some best options for people to use. So, what are our recommendations?

Gacha Life Eyebrows Base

All the eyebrows tend to have a base for people to start customizing them. That’s why we have to take a look at some of the ideas people have on their minds.

In this case, we will take a look at two base options: green screen and transparent background eyebrows.

Green Screen

We all know that in Gacha Life, a green screen comes alongside people’s creativity, so let’s see some ideas we can look at in this case.

Transparent Background

When it comes to transparent backgrounds, in the Gacha community, we can find lots of ideas, just like the ones we will share with you now!

Gacha Life Eyebrows by Gender

When it comes to choosing which eyebrows to use, sometimes we think about the gender of our character. It’s a detail that’s important in the long run!

Boy’s eyebrows

When it comes to boys’ eyebrows, we know that they will almost always try to look intimidating. Let’s see the ideas we have for them!

Girl’s eyebrows

Girls, compared to boys, will make an effort to look cute and sweet! The same happens with their Gacha Life characters and their eyebrows!

Gacha Life Eyebrows Styles

As we could expect from a game like Gacha Life, there are lots of eyebrows styles available for use! Let’s take a look at them to see which one suits your character most!


If you are feeling sad and want your character to look the same way, here are some ideas you can take to make that happen!


When someone is customizing a character, and they want to give it a mad look, eyebrows are a key part to make it feel like they are really mad!


Angry and mad eyebrows might be similar one from the other. But there are some differences that we can take advantage of!


When happy, there’s no doubt people will have eyebrows that will make it look that way! Which ideas do we have in this case? Let’s see!


Worrying is a feeling many people have felt in the past. And, even in Gacha Life, we can make our character look pretty worried!

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