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About Gachaverse

When talking about the Gacha universe, we can mention there are different titles available for people to use.

Gachaverse is one of those games, which happens to be somehow similar to Gacha Life, but there’s a lot of new content to see in the game.

People can still create their OCs and use different hairstyles, colors, clothes, and a lot more, which is something we have seen in other games developed by Lumine.

The game also has different presets for people who don’t want to create a character, making things a lot easier for everyone.

Like other games in the series, this game is also focused on battles with an anime-like animation we all like to see.

Why choose Gachaverse?

We can all talk about why we should pick Gachaverse over other games. We can find different things to do here, but the fighting remains!

Gachaverse is like an improved Gacha Life version due to how the characters look. They are still anime-like characters, but they look totally different from what we saw before.

In this game, we can find everything we like from the Gacha series, which are the following features:

  • Customization is still a thing, but with new characters and items to use.
  • There are presets created for people to choose from if they don’t want to create a new character.
  • New bosses, new battle units, and new scenarios are part of what we can find in this game.
  • Characters drawn by other players and famous artists can also be used in the game.
  • There’s a new interface for people to use, new features, and lots of fun waiting for everyone.
  • This game has a new story to follow, just like it has happened in other Gacha games.

So, if you want to take a look at a game with fresh mechanics, lots of new content, and new battles, Gachaverse is perfect for you!

The best thing is that this game can be enjoyed in teams with other people, as players can connect with other players and enjoy the Gacha adventure that is waiting for them!

How to download it?

When it comes to telling people where to download the game, there are different ways available to do it.

Thankfully, as we are talking about an official Lumine game, we can find it available for download on platforms such as Google Play and the App Store.

Still, for people who want to download the APK version, we have the download link available for everyone to use it!


Is Gachaverse on Android?

Yes. People can choose which version they want to download, as there is an APK version and the official download from the Play Store.

Can you play Gachaverse online?

Yes! This game was developed and added an in-game team feature for people to play with other players from around the world.

Can you play Gachaverse on iPhone (iOS)?

Yes. As this is an official game, people can download the app directly from the App Store, which is something we can’t see with an APK.

Can you play Gachaverse on PC?

Yes. Just like it happens with other Lumine games, there’s a version for people to enjoy while they are playing on their PCs.

What versions does Gachaverse have?

As this is a game developed by Lumine, there have been different versions people have seen out there. As for now, the current game version is 1.0, and it is the one we can find to download!


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Publication Date:
Feb 21, 2021
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android, iOS and PC
101MB (APK)
2.7/5 - (7 votes)