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About Gacha Animal

Gacha Life is a title that has many, many mods available for people to use. There’s a lot of what we can find on the internet, and Gacha Animal is one of those mods.

This game has taken everything we know from the original game and somehow improved it. That’s what makes it better than the one we all know.

A fan created the Gacha Animal game, but there’s no information about who created the mod, at least for now.

For those wondering, this game will give people everything they can find in Gacha Life, but for free. There are new additions to the features we can find in the game as well.

Other than this, we can mention the game only has one official version, which is the one we are talking about here.

Why choose Gacha Animal?

When talking about a game that is not the original, we have to remember the main reason we should get that one instead of the original game, which Lumine creates.

So far, we can say this game is somehow better due to the fact that it gives people everything they might want to get to use, but for free!

That’s the main reason why we recommend people use Gacha Animal. But is there anything else we can say regarding this game?

  • There are over 600 different poses people can use when playing Gacha Animal.
  • In Gacha Animal, there are over 100 different characters people can use.
  • Almost all the items available in the game can have their colors changed without any problem.
  • There are over 180 different battle units available for people to use in the game.
  • Gacha Animal kept all the mini-games we can find in the Gacha Life original game.
  • People can upgrade their characters, and due to the game having lots of things unlocked, this is something easier to do.
  • People can use more than 15 different backgrounds to create unique scenarios.
  • People can create unique stories in the game using more than 10 characters at one moment.

As we can see, this game is pretty complete. Even though it is a mod, we can say it has everything we might need to have in a game.

So, if you want to save some time playing Gacha Life and get everything free as soon as you install the game, then playing Gacha Animal will be the solution.

How to download it?

As we are talking about an APK, there’s something we need to tell you, and it is a fact people with Android are the ones who can play this game.

People who have an iOS device won’t be able to download this game. This is due to the restrictions these devices have, so keep that in mind if you own one of these devices.


Is Gacha Animal on Android?

Yes. We are talking about a mod that can be found in an APK format. Therefore, people can only download it using an Android device.

Can you play Gacha Animal online?

No. This version of the game is only available to play while people have no internet connection, or they can simply play it offline.

Can you play Gacha Animal on iPhone (iOS)?

No. We are talking about a non-official game, which means we won’t find it anywhere in the App Store, so it is not allowed to be installed on an iOS device.

Can you play Gacha Animal on PC?

Yes! To do this, people will need to download an Android emulator in order to run it on their PCs. We recommend people use BlueStacks for this mod.

What versions does Gacha Animal have?

An unknown user developed this game, and so far, we only know one version of the game, which happens to be the 1.1.0 and the one we have available for download.


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Publication Date:
Apr 14, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC
100MB (APK)
4.9/5 - (7 votes)