Best Gacha Club Eyes: Green Screen, HD Download…

When someone decides to be part of the Gacha universe, there are different parts of the body we all need to know, and we should have different ideas to create our character!

The eyes are located in the head, and we can tell they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The same happens with the ideas we can find in Gacha Club.

That’s why today we will talk about the different ideas we can find to use with our character, or that we can save for future creations!

Best Gacha Club Eyes

In Gacha Club, we can find many different eye types. Everyone would like to have different eyes, but we will always try to have the best possible eyes in the game, so let’s see them!

Gacha club Eye Base

Regarding the base version of the eye, you might want to have some ideas to consider using to create your character in Gacha Club!

Gacha Club Eye Color Ideas

If you want to see how some eyes out there will look with color, we have some ideas you can look at to see if they will fit your character!

Gacha Club Eyes Download

If you want to download some eyes, we have two options for you that you will love, which will help you create a better-looking character!

Green Screen

We all know the Gacha community is highly related to the green screen option in the game! So, what can we show in this case?

Transparent Background

Another option we can’t leave aside when talking about eyes in Gacha Club is the images with a transparent background that we can easily get to play around with them!

Gacha Club Eye Ideas by Gender

If you want to see some ideas for each gender on which eyes to use, we have your back covered with different ideas!

Boys Eyes Gacha Club

In some cases, we could say boys and girls will have the same eyes. It might be true, but boys tend to use eyes that look more intimidating and have different colors too!

Cute Boy’s Eyes

Can boys have cute eyes? Of course, they do! Not all the male characters in Gacha Life must have an intimidating look; they can also have a cute look in their eyes!

Girls Eyes

If you are creating a girl character and want to get some ideas on what eyes you can put on her, here are some options you can use!

Cute Girl’s Eyes

Just like we can tell on the boys, there are some cute eye styles in Gacha Club for girls to use, which is also awesome when trying to create a character!

Other Eyes

As for other ideas, we can tell there are many eye ideas, just like brown, blue, and green eyes, but there are also other cool ideas we can consider using!

Cute Gacha Club Eyes

As for other eyes available for use in Gacha Club, we can tell the cute type of eyes is pretty common to see in the game, which happens to be something awesome to see!

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are among the most common eye types we can find in Gacha Club, and we can for sure find many characters using them!

Green Eyes

Another common eye variant we can find in Gacha Club and other Gacha games is the green eyes, and now it’s time to see some ideas for these eyes!

Brown Eyes

Now, as for the last eye color on our list, we have brown eyes! These are also common to see out there, so let’s see some of the ideas we might find there!

Closed Eyes

Now, the last eye types, we have on our list are closed eyes. These are pretty common to find out there, and there are many uses in the Gacha universe too!

How to Draw Gacha Club Eyes?

Up to this point, we have talked about many ideas related to the eyes. But, there’s something we haven’t actually mentioned here, and that is how we can make our own eyes.

With enough patience, people can draw their own eyes. Some tools would be needed for this, such as proper drawing software.

Other than that, we only need a screenshot of our character, and we are good to start with what comes next!

In this tutorial, the first step is to open up the drawing or editing software you will use and place an image of your character there!

Now, zoom the image in and select the color of your eyes, to begin with, the tutorial. Remember, you can always zoom out if needed!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

Once you have to find the perfect spot to work on your character, it’s time to make a new layer and set it on the “Multiply” option. This will help you to give a dark look to the eyes.

You can do this all over the eye, or you can choose to edit the eye in specific areas only.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

Once you are done using the “Multiply” layer, it’s time to give a different look to what we have just done! Also, erase the details you left that might look bad in the eye.

Now, make a new layer and get the “Blur” tool. Play a bit with the eye in areas where you need to give it a less firm look.

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

Up to this point, we have a different eye, but we will give it a darker look! Make a new layer, set it on “Multiply,” and repeat the process again!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

If you are done with the eye’s darkening process, you can start blurring the parts you think need a “little” touch again. Play around until you get the result you need!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

For the next step, we will repeat the process we have done before with the “Multiply” layers. But, in this case, we want to brighten up the eye instead of making it darker!

Instead of using a dark color, we will get a white brush and play around to get the result we want!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

When done, erase the details you might have left outside from the eye. Again, repeat the blurring process on the brightened area to make it look all compact!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

Up to this point, most of the work we have to do in the eye is practically done, so now you can add some details, like more bright, maybe tears, it’s up to you!

Source: Just Izzy YouTube Channel – Eyes Tutorial

Now that you have learned how to draw eyes and edit them, you can play around as much as you want to get different results on different characters!

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