Best Gacha Club Clothes: Codes, Formal, Baby…

If you want to dress your character in amazing clothes, there are a lot of ideas out there for you to consider using. That’s the great thing about Gacha Club!

Clothes are what we use to dress our character in the game! Clothes represent everything we can wear, from pants to t-shirts and more!

So, if you want to know more about some of our ideas, then pay attention to all the ideas we have available here!

Best Gacha Club Clothes

When it comes to using some clothes, we can tell there are for sure some incredible ideas to use. So, what are the best clothes we can find in Gacha Club for us?

Gacha Club Clothes with Code

We want to give you some codes to get some cool clothes in Gacha Club, so check them out!

  • 5TONYJ6
  • SADK3D7
  • 8SP4M9B
  • 52WFX57
  • M4T9VT7
  • X546PJA
  • 3P2TF40
  • DPTLB9
  • 8L6243T
  • AW7962J

Gacha Club Clothes with Code

Do you know you can easily take clothes you have seen on the internet and export them to the game? That’s right! We have some incredible ideas for you here to look at!

Gacha Club Clothes Base

When it comes to the base of clothes, we can find many different ideas out there. Of course, this will help us choose our character’s clothes!

Green Screen

If you want to see how some clothes look with a green screen on the background, here are some ideas you might find interesting to use!

Transparent Background

Another option we can’t forget to mention is the transparent background ideas we can find. Looking for some clothes with nothing behind them? This category is for you, then!

Gacha Club Styles

In Gacha Club we can find different styles of clothes. All of these styles allow people to create a unique character with all kinds of clothes in no time!

Formal Clothes

The word “formal” can give us enough explanation of what we need to understand. This one might be one of those clothes your character could use if you want it to look professional!

Baby Clothes

If you want to give your character a “baby” look, in Gacha Club you can find many different ideas of clothes to wear!

Black Clothes

Are you a fan of black clothes? Because in Gacha Club, you will find lots of ideas for you to use in the game related to all kinds of black clothes!

Aesthetic Clothes

If you want to look aesthetic, which is common nowadays, we have some ideas you can use in your Gacha Club characters!


Finding tomboy clothes is something pretty common nowadays. In Gacha Club, we can find different tomboy clothes to use, and that’s something we have to show here!

Japanese Clothes

If you want your character to look like he’s totally an anime character, you have to wear some Japanese clothes, which perfectly suit the Gacha look!


When it comes to wearing clothes, we can sometimes tell boys and girls will wear the same clothes, right? But, on other occasions, it is totally the opposite! So it is better to have different ideas!


We are aware boys can tend to look at themselves in different ways! That’s the great thing about Gacha Club, as we can have many ideas and customize our character with ease!


Boys can get a pretty cute look in Gacha Life with their clothes! So, let’s see some ideas that they can use in the game!


We know we can wear different kinds of clothes when we talk about girls. From aesthetic clothes to tomboy looks, and many others!


Now, we know most girls will like to look cute on their Gacha character, right? Well, that’s right! It’s time to show some ideas for girls to create cute characters with cute clothes!

How to Draw Gacha Club Clothes

If you want to learn how to draw some clothes in Gacha Club, the tutorial is pretty easy to follow! This one also works if you want to draw clothes for Gacha Life!

Remember! This will help you learn how to draw clothes, but you also have to practice for a better result! So, let’s get to what we want to know, which is the drawing tutorial!

The first thing you will need to begin with this tutorial is proper editing or drawing app. You can either use Ibis Paint X, Studio Clip Paint, or the one you are more comfortable with.

Once you have chosen which app to use, choose the device where you will start drawing! You can use your PC, laptop, or even your cell phone works if you are patient enough!

Now, the hard part comes on; what kinds of clothes do you want to create? Either way, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind!

  • Consider the differences between each kind of clothes and the drawing process.
  • Consider which clothes you want to wear and create with this tutorial.

Now you know this, it’s time to draw the kinds of clothes you want to use on your character, or that you simply want to show to the rest of the players!

But, there are some things to remember here too. Remember there are differences between the folds of the clothes, and how thick and thin they can be!

The fold lines will give you the proper look on the clothes you are drawing, so you need to draw them in the proper way for a better result!

Also, clothes come with a “texture.” For this, you will also need to draw lines in the clothes you are making, making them look stiff or soft in the final result!

Last but not least, you can also make your clothes look loose or tight. This can help you create clothes for different occasions, which is great!

Now you know all this, you can start to draw and create the clothes you want to wear! Remember, you can get ideas from other people too, but at the end of the day, everything that comes to your mind can be turned into something you can wear in Gacha Club!

How to Redeem Gacha Club Codes?

For those wondering how to redeem codes in Gacha Club, or for those new to the game, it’s time to talk about this simple thing.

The redeeming process is overall pretty simple to do. There’s no need to worry as much as we could think, and here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your Gacha Club game and go to “Home.”
  • Now, find your “Profile” button.
  • There, press the “Import” option.
  • Finally, paste the code you want to introduce or write it down!

These codes will change how your character looks, or you can find new rewards with them; it will all depend on your usage!

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