Gacha Life Shirts: Transparent Background, Boy and Girl…

Regarding shirts, we know how important they can be for our character! That’s basically the main thing on our outfit most times!

Shirts are used in the upper part of the body, and they can be customized with many unique designs every player can use!

In Gacha Life, there are a lot of shirts out there that we can see. Which are our preferred models? Let’s see some great ideas here!

Best Gacha Life Shirts

For sure, we can find some great ideas out there when trying to find the perfect shirt for our character! So, let’s see some of the best shirts in Gacha Life!

Gacha Life shirt Base

When it comes to shirt bases, there are lots of ideas we can take into consideration in Gacha Life! In this case, we’ll discuss the shirt bases with a green screen and transparent background!

Green Screen

Transparent Background

When it comes to using a transparent background, and if we need a shirt from Gacha Life, it is not hard to find some cool ideas!

Gacha Life Shirts by Gender

When it comes to using a shirt, we know that girls can use some of the shirts boys use, but it is not the same for boys! So, which ideas do we have for both of them?

Boy’s shirts

Boys tend to use all kinds of shits! From sports shirts to casual shirts, there are many ideas out there for our character!

Girl’s shirts

When we talk about what girls will wear, their shirts will surely be cute, colorful, and perfect for the outfit they are using!

Gacha Life Shirts: Where to buy

When we talk about Gacha Life shirts, we might think about what our character will use when customized, right?

Well, no! We also can buy some Gacha Life shirts to use daily!


Redbubble is the palace for many people who want to sell handmade things, and it is the perfect place for the Gacha community to sell things like shirts!


When talking about places where we can buy things online, Amazon always comes to mind! And if we are looking for Gacha Life shirts, there are many options available!


Etsy is another famous marketplace out there. It is the perfect place for people to sell their handmade stuff, such as Gacha Life shirts!

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