Gacha Life Pants: Shorts, Jogging, HD Download…

When we talk about clothes in Gacha Life, there’s a lot we have to consider. We can dress our character with many different things, including pants!

Pants are used on the legs, but there are many different kinds of pants out there. That’s why we have to show people all the possible ideas they can get in this case!

Today, we will focus on talking and showing different ideas about pants, where to buy them, and some ideas for each gender. So, if you need some creativity, this one is for you!

Best Gacha Life Pants

Out there, we can find many ideas to use pants in Gacha Life! But what are those that are the best of the best among all these ideas?

Gacha Life Pants Base

When it comes to looking at the base of the ideas, we can’t forget how many ideas there are for use in the Gacha community!

Green Screen

Among the options, we can use are the green screen pants, because they are pretty important in the Gacha Life community.

Transparent Background

In Gacha Life, we can find many ideas, most of which come with a transparent background. If you want some pants with this format, we have you covered!

Gacha life Pants Types

When talking about pants types, we know there are different styles out there. It can be short pants, jogging pants, and more! So, why don’t we see some ideas?


Shorts tend to be used as part of an outfit that can be used for training or hanging out when it’s hot! Are you planning on taking your Gacha character on such an adventure!?

Jogging Pants

Jogging pants have become quite famous in the last few years. This is the perfect time to do it if you want to see how they look in a Gacha character!


Jeans are among the most common clothes we can use in real life. The same happens in Gacha Life, so let’s take a look at some ideas we can find out there.

Ripped Pants

Ripped pants are also among the favorites of people. These are known for being similar to jeans, but they give a different look to outfits!

Gacha Life Pants by Gender

We can tell that boys and girls won’t wear the same pants. In some cases, that might happen, but it is not something so normal to see nowadays.

Boy’s Pants

Boy’s pants are known for being either less delicate than what we can see a girl tends to use or just standard pants that everyone would like!

Girl’s Pants

Girls, compared to boys, tend to have a more delicate taste when it comes to clothes. That’s why there are many differences in what they wear!

Where to buy

Out there, we can find lots of places where we can buy pants with a Gacha thematic! Is there a way to know more about them? The answer is yes because that’s what we will do right now!


Redbubble is known for being a huge place where people can buy all kinds of clothes. There is no doubt that here, we can find many different Gacha pants to buy!


Aliexpress is one of the biggest online stores out there. There’s no doubt that we can find some Gacha clothes there to buy!

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