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About Gacha World

For those familiar with the Gacha titles, it won’t be a surprise to find a brand-new game related to the series.

In Gacha World, things have changed a bit from what we were used to seeing in other games, like Gacha Life, to telling people an example.

The game offers people the same anime-styled world and characters, and the collecting part is still part of the game. But here, there are many new rules and things to consider.

New features like farming, farming strategies, bosses, and team building, among many others, are part of the main concepts people must learn to enjoy the game.

And before we forget this. This is an official title of Lumine; people won’t need to worry whether it is an APK!

Why choose Gacha World?

If you want to try out a different game, compared to Gacha Life, for example, in which you can get through amazing battles, scenarios, and bosses, Gacha World is what you need!

This has changed entirely in this game, and it is due to the fact Lumine decided to give people new battles, new bosses, and other content to enjoy. It is one of the biggest changes in the Gacha series.

This game can easily become one of the favorites of people who love battle games, especially those who love anime-related games and visuals.

There is a lot of new content, and the overall gaming mode changed from what we have seen before. No one can deny the fact that this opens the door for more players to join the franchise.

So if you are looking for some of the following:

  • There are over 90+ characters in the Gacha World available for using.
  • There’s no need to have internet access to play Gacha World, everything can be enjoyed without internet.
  • People can create new characters as many characters as they want in the game.
  • The RPG battle system included in the Gacha World includes stregths and weaknesses that must be taken into consideration.
  • There are evetns people can play, and that’s a way for people to get unique rewards in the game.
  • People can play the Tower Mode and get rewards such as gems, being this the main currency in the game.
  • There are leaderboards available for people to check the score and who’s the best player in the game.

All of this is available in Gacha World, and you can be the next to enjoy everything we can find in this game!

How to download it?

When we talk about mods in the Gacha universe, we can tell there are many things we must keep in mind. There’s no need to think about how difficult it can be to download an APK.

But the case here is different; this is an official version of a game developed by Lumine, the creators of the overall Gacha series.

So, whether you are an Android or iOS user or even a PC user, you will find to download the game and enjoy it.

You can still find the APK too, but that’s up to you which version you want to download to your device!


Is Gacha World Free on Android?

Yes! As this is an official Lumine app, people can get the game for free by using the Play Store, which also helps people to save some time.

Can you play Gacha World online?

No. This game only allows people to play in an offline game mode, which is something quite common in the Gacha series.

Can you play Gacha World on iPhone (iOS)?

Yes! As this game is official, people can find it on the App Store Apple devices.

Can you play Gacha World on PC?

Yes! The exception here comes with the fact that people need to download the game in the APK version to run it using an Android emulator rather than a normal app.

What versions does Gacha World have?

So far, we can tell there are different versions of each one of the games that Lumine has created so far. As for now, the version we have available for using is the 1.3.6 version!


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Publication Date:
Jul 1, 2021
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android, iOS, and PC
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