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About Gacha Star

All the mods we can find for Gacha Life give people the chance to use different unlocked features. These features are not part of the main game, or maybe we must pay for them.

The creators of the Gacha Star mod,, worked on the main game to give people all kinds of new features!

This mod includes what we can find in many other mods. There are new additions, but the main features here are quite what we expect.

  • 90 additional characters in addition to the 10 major ones.
  • Nearly all of the usable pieces are easily interchangeable.
  • The game offers over 600 different stances to choose from.
  • Changing your character’s hair, eyes, and other features is now simpler.
  • Players may quickly and easily personalize new creatures and items.
  • Custom profiles can be created for each character in the game.
  • There are still import and export options in the game.

Why choose Gacha Star?

When we talk about why we should stick to an APK rather than the original version, there are many questions we can have in mind.

Of course, people will ask themselves why they should use a moded version of the game, especially because it is free.

But not everything in the game is free! You have to pay for some items, which most people are unwilling to do. Which is reasonable, and this is a solution to that issue.

The Gacha Cute mod changed some things from the base version of the game. There are new pets, objects, and characters, but this game also includes new features.

Overall, we want to give you a quick look at all the features we can find in this mod so you can tell how to take the most advantage of them all.

  • Up to 15 scenes can be used and saved in studio mode.
  • New face presets are available for people to change faces with ease.
  • There is a new feature to add pets to the scene you are creating.
  • New backgrounds and foregrounds are available for use.
  • Collection of features from different mods such as Neon, Redux, and similar mods.

How to download it?

We must download the game from other sources since this is not the official version. But don’t worry; we have made things easy for you by giving the download link here and now!

All the APKs we give you are 100% reliable. There’s no need to worry about your cell phone getting damaged or something similar; the app has the same security as the original one.


Is Gacha Star Free on Android?

Yes! People can get this app for free when we are talking about an APK. And it is not only available on Android; there are other versions available too.

Can you play Gacha Star online?

No. All the online features are disabled. Of course, this is only for people trying to play with another person who doesn’t have the APK.

Can you play Gacha Star on iPhone (iOS)?

No. Let’s remember iOS devices can’t install third-party programs, leaving the Gacha Star APK outside these devices.

Can you play Gacha Star on PC?

Yes. All the APKs are available for PC users too, but in these cases, people would need an emulator to run these APKs, like BlueStacks or something similar.

What versions does Gacha Cute have?

The game has had different updates, like the original one. But so far, we are seeing the 3.2 version of the game.


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Publication Date:
Jul 4, 2022
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android and PC (Emulated)
Star Steam & Star Community
215MB (APK)
5/5 - (1 vote)