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About Gacha Resort

Gacha Resort is a different game from the well-known Gacha Life and Gacha World titles we all love.

Here, in this game, we are on a new adventure where Luni will take us to a new resort alongside Ellie. There are many other characters of the game present here too!

The game keeps the same anime-styled characters and features we are all familiar with. It is fair to say this one works like a Gacha World sequel rather than a non-connected Gacha game.

Compared to the rest of the Gacha games, we can tell there are new features, such as the following:

  • New beach-related games are available for playing.
  • Shells have replaced the gold we were used to seeing in this game.
  • There’s a lot of fan service around the game, as we can find images, items, and other things from other games.
  • New characters have been added to this game, and they are all customizable, like in other Gacha titles!

So far, we can tell this one is an incredible game that takes us on a whole new Gacha adventure.

Why choose Gacha Resort?

Do you love Gacha games? Well, we all know that one of the best games in the series is, without a doubt, Gacha Life.

But. What if people want to try a different game with a fresh story and new features that we haven’t seen in other Gacha games?

Well, that’s why you should try out Gacha Resort! There are many new features, characters, items, and even new games to enjoy!

As it is a brand-new game, there are also new scenarios to play. There’s no doubt we can tell this is one of the best options to enjoy more of the game!

The whole premise of the game takes part after the whole character crew frees the Luniverse from corruption, and they all earn well-deserved vacations!

The game’s main idea is that you get to increase the bond of each available character. There are different ways to do it, and with the new features, you will have lots of fun, which are the following!

  • There are more than 140 different characters, with new unique Legendary 6-stars characters available.
  • People can customize their beaches with items such as surfboards, beach balls, boats, and a lot more available in the store.
  • There are shells and gems available for people to collect in the different game modes available for use.
  • The offline mode is totally available, and people won’t need to be connected always to an internet connection.
  • There’s an Adventure Mode available for people where they can find all kinds of enemies to battle against.
  • There are new features, such as Affection, which can make them stronger in the game!
  • People can get access to different Mini-Games, making the adventure in Gacha Resort a lot funnier.

How to download it?

As this game, compared to mods and other versions of Gacha titles, is an official title from the series, we can find it available for download on different platforms.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry much about your device. The game will be available for download, whether it is an iOS or Android tablet or cell phone.

You can also find the APK version of the game, just in case you need it or you want to play the game on your PC.


Is Gacha Resort Free on Android?

Yes! Just like any other Lumine games, we can find online nowadays, Gacha Resort is a totally free-to-play and free-to-download game for Android!

Can you play Gacha Resort online?

No. All the features of the game are offline, which means people can only play it, even though they have internet, with the offline mode.

Can you play Gacha Resort on iPhone (iOs)?

Yes. Compared to other games, like, for example, Gacha mods, the Gacha Resort title is available for people to download from the App Store of Apple.

Can you play Gacha Resort on PC?

Yes! The thing with Gacha Resort is that we can only find the game with an APK format, meaning people will have to download an emulator first to play the game.

What versions does Gacha Resort have?

Gacha Resort allows people to get different versions since the first time the game aired. But, nowadays, we can find the 1.1.2 version available for download.


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Publication Date:
Dic 18, 2017
Susan Lovey
Operating system:
Android, iOS, and PC (Emulated)
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