Gacha Club Codes: Import, Export and Codes

One thing that has changed when playing Gacha Club is the ease of using codes to get outfits, eyes, characters, and more.

These codes we are talking about work in a pretty awesome way. People simply need to introduce them to their game, and they will get the “reward” for saying so.

That’s why we will discuss different things regarding the codes, such as how we can use them and where we can get them, and we’ll show ideas you can take and use on your Gacha Club game!

So, if you want to know more about all this, you have come to the right place as we will show you everything you need to know!

How to Import Codes

When we talk about “importing” a code, we are talking about using the code on our Gacha Club game rather than sharing something with someone else.

In this case, we’ll tell you how to use a code in Gacha Club. You first need to find the code you want to use, as there are many options to consider using.

Now, what comes next? You need to go to the “Home” area and click on the “Profile” button. So far, we can tell the process is easy.

Now, we need to find the “Import” button available for use when scrolling in the “Profile” area. Once there, paste or write down the code you have.

Depending on the code you put in, your character will change. It would change if it were an outfit, so it happens with eyes, hair, and more.

And now you know this, you can get to import as many codes as you want to use when playing Gacha Club.

How to Export Codes

Now it’s time to tell how we can share our codes with other people. These codes can be used to share outfits, hair, and eyes, among other things, in the game.

To do this, we will explain it to you using a character. The first thing you need to do is find the character you want to export and then press on “Profile”.

Once you are there, you can tell there are two options: import and export. You are going to press on the second one.

When you click on “Export”, it will take you to a new window where you must press the “Export” button again. Wait for a few seconds as a code will generate.

Once the code is generated, you can share it with other people. It is easy to copy and share it, and now you know how to do it yourself!

Gacha Club OC Codes

In Gacha Club, we can tell many people have created their own characters. Leaving the NPCs, we can find in the game aside, there are a lot of players out there.

So far, we have found thousands of free codes to use in Gacha Club from people who have shared their characters with others.

If you want to use one and you plan to use a character from someone you liked, and they shared, we have some codes available you can use!

  • WDHL95J
  • P8TYP8T
  • 8P7TQD4
  • RP8R3X3

Outfit Codes

In Gacha Club, we can find many codes, and outfit codes are the most famous options. But to be fair, in a game with many options to dress our character, it shouldn’t be surprising to see something like this.

Now, we will give you some outfit codes you can use in the game to give your character a different look in just a few seconds.

gacha club outfits with code

Gacha Club Character Codes

To move forward, we want to give you some extra codes you can use if you want a brand new character to play with.

You will only need to paste these codes into your game’s “Import” option, and you can enjoy the result in a few seconds!

  • 4QJSE59
  • 8K9RJNP
  • KJVNC38
  • RYS2D46
  • ZP8BLN9
  • 777137E

Eye Codes

Can we find some eye codes to use in the game? The answer is yes! There are some options we can get to find out there, and we will share some of these options with you!

These codes can help you change how your codes look in seconds, something amazing everyone should know!

  • Z3A61BS
  • 1KG119H
  • 6LIZ1BB
  • 6LIZ1BB
  • Z5ERO6V

MHA Codes

Have you ever heard about My Hero Academia? This is one of the favorite animes people have we can find.

As this anime has become extremely popular, we can tell people in Gacha Club would take the chance to create some cool codes to use in the game!

  • CLY68ZE
  • E9PO3RS

Face Codes

Lastly, time to give people some codes so they can change how their character’s face looks in just a couple of seconds.

As we mentioned, there are codes for everything we can think about. And, of course, faces wouldn’t be the exception.

  • OC7WJ31
  • 559UF6H
  • 2197913
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