Best Gacha Club Characters

When it comes to Gacha Club, there are many things we can tell about the game. One of the things we get to mention is the Gacha Club characters we can find.

These characters, also known as NPCs, can be found inside the game; people can either play with them or see them in action.

As we could expect, there are many different characters, leaving the ones we create aside, that we can get to see in the game, and we are going to talk about them right now.

Cute Gacha Club Characters

People can make lots of unique characters. As for now, we can tell the cute characters are among the most famous alternatives in the game, so let’s see some ideas!

Aesthetic Characters

Now, there’s another option we can tell about characters in Gacha Club. We are talking about the aesthetic characters, which are pretty famous among players too!

Codes for Characters

One of the main features we can tell about Gacha Club is that people can take codes and introduce them to their game.

This allows people to easily get new characters, clothes, and many other things in the game. In this case, we will give you some codes to get some cool characters!

  • WDHL95J
  • P8TYP8T
  • 8P7TQD4
  • RP8R3X3
  • 4QJSE59
  • 8K9RJNP
  • KJVNC38
  • RYS2D46
  • ZP8BLN9
  • 777137E

Gacha Club Character Girls

Gacha Club is known for giving people the chance to find other characters in the game and even interact with them.

Let’s see some of the characters. We can find that these characters also appear on Gacha Life, as both games are connected.


Senpaibuns is a character that first appeared in Gacha Life in one of the scenarios from the game. She’s known for being able to control her sleep powers.

Now, she’s also a playable character in Gacha Club. She was meant to appear in Gacha League, but Lumine decided to put her in Gacha Club as a preset and battle unit.


Bella is known for being one of the three available supporting fairies we can find in the different Gacha games.

Her first appearance on a game from the series was in Gacha Club. She’s the announcer and hostess in chapters 1-1, but we can also find her later in different chapters.

This character is not playable in her main version, but she has a corrupted version that can be played.

Yandere Kuku

The third character on our list is Yandere Kuku. She’s also known as Kuku, a Fire Unit in the Gacha World and a boss in that game.

This character can be found in other games, as is usual within the Gacha series. She’s also available in Gacha Club, but only her preset within the Club Danger.

She has different special attacks, but these are only seen in Gacha World. She doesn’t have a significant role in Gacha Club for now.


Bex is similar to Senpaibuns. She first appeared in Gacha Life as an NPC, which we can find once we go to the Gacha City D scenario.

In Gacha Club, she appears as a battle unit, and her preset is available to other players.

Also, it is worth mentioning in Gacha Club, she is hyper and upbeat and has a good friend known as Fierin.


Max is one of the characters we can find in Gacha Club. Currently, she doesn’t have any in-game lore that we can mention.

She can be obtained through Minigame Shop using bytes, and we can tell her preset is also available for use in the game.

Gacha Club Characters Boys

In Gacha Club, we can find characters that are boys too; not only girls characters are available for use in the game.

Each one of these characters has something special we can tell about them, and we are going to meet some of the ones we can use in Gacha Club.


Neon is one of the characters that have only appeared in Gacha Club and not in other Gacha games, at least for now.

He’s the first shadow unit we can find in the game and a boss. He’s the brother of Merupo and the best friend of Usalina. It is said that he will appear in WonderEnd, but nothing is confirmed yet.

DJ Phantom

DJ Phantom is a dark unit who made his debut in the Gacha series in the Gacha World game. He became the seventh boss of that game, and now he has appeared in other Gacha games as well

So far, it is said that he will play a major role in the Gacha Resort, and he has also appeared in other series titles.

He was cured by Gacha Summoner and Ellie, as he became a corrupt character somewhere in the events of Gacha’s world.

Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee is a character that previously appeared in the Gacha Life game; he was created by Luni and has also appeared in other games.

So far, we can find him in Gacha Club and Gacha Resort. In Gacha Resort, he’s a 6-Start Unit; in Gacha Club, we can find him as a battle unit.

He’s one of the OC characters of the game, making him one of the most famous characters in the game for now.


Cykopath is a unit that first appeared in the Gacha World game. He’s a 5-Star Unit in the game and has also appeared in other games from the franchise.

So far, we can find him in Gacha Club as well, as he’s one of the elemental bosses that we can find in the game.

Also, he’s a playable unit for players, meaning people can use this character a lot inside the game once they get him.


DJ X, also known as Xavier, is a fire unit that is first seen as an antagonist, and his main goal is to corrupt all music in the world.

He has appeared in different Gacha games, being a battle unit in Gacha World and a boss in Gacha Club.

In Gacha Club, the last game in which he has appeared so far, we can find his preset and as a boss in one of the game’s updates.

How to Draw Gacha Club Characters

Up to this point, we have talked about many different characters, but something is missing in this point.

We haven’t talked about how people can make their characters. Well, not make, but draw them!

If you like to draw and want to get creative, this is the perfect time to try some things out! You can either use Ibis Paint X or the drawing app you prefer.

This tutorial will go step-by-step, so you can read it as much as you need it to get your drawing complete!

First, we are going to start with the head. The upper part of the character should always come first to make things easier.

When drawing the head, you can add accessories that are what you want. It can either be hats, or something similar.

Now, it’s time to get the face done. You can draw the face in the way you prefer, make the character look sad, happy, or angry, or make a combination!

Once again, you can also add accessories to the face. It’s up to you what you want to add, like glasses, masks, and more.

What comes next is to get some color in the painting. You can start by painting the eyes, hair, and things that will help the drawing look great!

Once we are done with the upper part, it’s time to draw the torso of the character. You can draw it and add clothes to the drawing if you feel comfortable doing it simultaneously.

Remember, each body is different, so if you draw a girl or a boy, things might be slightly different.

Once you are done with the torso, get to the legs. Here, the process is quite similar to what we said before. Start with the legs, and if you feel comfortable, add the pants, skirts, shorts, or whatever you will use to dress your character!

Up to this point, it’s time to play with other things in your character. Remember, drawing is all about the details.

You can add shoes, shoelaces, and other details to the pants. But what matters most here is the symmetrical look the character should have!

Once you check everything, you can add other details like color, but it’s up to you how the final drawing will look!

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